Who Scams The Scammer-Part 1


Who Scams The Scammer-Part 1

Once upon a time, By their English, you will identify them.

Not this time.
The scam industry is getting interesting, as professionals are getting involved. They speak good English. They dot their I-s and cross their T-s

It all started when I was browsing GUY & SELL GH Facebook Group.

7232018103233 capture

Then I came across a post which I’m finding it difficult to trace again. But the content was simple and I liked it.

If you have limited Internet knowledge, you see everything Internet business as a scam

As a Digital Entrepreneur, who for the past 5 years have worked as a Virtual Assistance to a US firm, it made sense to me.

My Comment to the post: That is absolutely true !!!

It was posted by a user by the name Patrick Johnson, with the below profile picture

7232018103234 jj

7232018103235 patrickjohnson1

With Apple stuff as his background image, I know he’s definitely an Internet guy. I sent him friends request.

That ended the day!
This afternoon, I got the chat below

7232018103235 addmeonwhatsapp

Good Good!! I will surely do business with Patrick.

In less than a minute, I added him on WhatsApp

7232018103235 hipatrick

Then the conversation started.

7232018103236 douwanttoworkinus

This was a red flag straight up.

My is as simple as it appears, we recruits work force from all over the world, not mind religion, color or race to work in our company,APPLE INC, am sure you have heard bout our giant firm?

That is NOT how Apple does its recruitment.
I started scratching my head, and check his facebook account again. I made few observations:

  1. Everything about his account was from June 14 to July 1 2018. Meaning it’s a new account.
  2. All his friends are hidden. A typical sign of the bad guys. Previously, their profile will say USA but all their friends will be Ghanaians. Which don’t make sense. They’ve learned a lesson now.
  3. I’m not fooled by his USA number. I can decide to use US number here in Ghana, if I so wish. I already have an account with Twillo, they provide such services for both SMS and voice. I know virtual numbers paa.
  4. I also did a bit of reverse engineering in Google with his profile picture but didn’t get any meaningful info. I really don’t believe the guy whose picture I’m seeing, is really the one am chatting.

I concluded:

This guy is just a scammer

One of the best ways to deal with scammers is to just waste their time. Just pretend your Idiot and let them spend all their time on you. That saves other people.

He has below picture to indicate he knows something about Work Permit. Check below.

7232018103236 document

And few other pictures about Apple

7232018103237 appletwo300x294

7232018103237 apple300x267

All is clear, the guy is a scammer but just for the fun, I said lemme continue with this dude.

7232018103237 kaundacv

In about 3 hours time, he posted.. [Of course, he needs that latency to prove he’s a busy guy]

7232018103237 3hourstime

Finally, the form came.

7232018103238 formcame

It must be filled and send back within 24hrs. Below is the full view of the form.

Take note! No Apple Logo. No company details. Just a raw form.

Will Apple send a form to be filled with pen?

7232018103238 form

That ends today. God willing tomorrow, I will print the form, fill it, scan it, and send to him and see what’s next

Stay tuned for Part 2!
Needless to say
I’m Kaunda
CEO, Datatype Technology
A company that is into Digital Entrepreneurship Training.

I also teach it in a telegram group. The link it t.me/internetbusiness. It’s completely free for ever. Feel free to join.

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