What Should Graduates Prepare For? Here Is Some Advice From Senyo Hosi- “Stop Learning Just To Pass Exams!”


Senyo HosiSenyo Hosi

The CEO of the Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors Senyo Hosi has been in the news for his strong views about the lack of preparedness of the average university student and the failings of public universities in that regard.

In a speech presented to University in Cape Coast recently, he outlined essentials must-haves for every graduate – work readiness, attitude towards work, basic skills for work and values. Tasking graduates to be curious and not settle for mediocrity, Mr. Hosi referred to the World Economic Forum’s 2016 job report which gave top ten skills the world’s workplaces need today and in the future:

1. Complex problem solving
2. Critical thinking
3. Creativity
4. People management
5. Coordinating with others
6. Emotional intelligence
7. Judgment and decision-making
8. Service orientation
9. Negotiation
10. Cognitive flexibility
A point to note for students, Mr. Hosi added, is that all these skills are “intricately connected and not mutually exclusive in any form. In other words, you need to possess all of these skills at once – even if in varying degrees of competence. How do you solve complex problems without critical thinking and creativity?”

Senyo Hosi said oral and written communication skills, and the use of Microsoft office tools are key but “while skills are important, it is our attitudes and values that bring them to life on any job”. Senyo charged graduates to aspire to incorporate into their attitudes and values “curiosity, excellence, responsibility, accountability, integrity, candour, confidence, hard work, respect for time, attention to detail, meritocracy, ownership, good citizenship and the recognition that we must focus on EFFECT, not effort.”

He cautioned against bad attitudes which could be “easily reinforced in the university experiences students encounter.”

Senyo charged students to “stop learning just to pass exams, learn to speed read and read critically, seek to effect and stop showing effort, learn how to code, be prepared to hire yourself and be a maker not a taker.”

Senyo Hosi presented a speech at the College of Humanities and Legal Studies at the University of Cape Coast on the theme, “Preparing Graduates for Work, The Role of Universities”.

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