We Need School In Our Community


Adakponu a fishing community in Krachi East is calling upon the government, stakeholders and NGO’s to come to their aid.

According 16- year-old boy Kudjo, who has attained school going but still remain in the house, they will be happy to have school building in the community to enable them have access to education, ‘look at us, we are all here without education the only thing we do is to go for fishing but we need education in other to become lawyers, doctors and others in future’ he said.

Mr Daniel Fiagbezi, a father of four (4) said all his children are in the house meanwhile, they pay tax to the government but they are left behind in terms of developmental projects such as electricity, roads and school. They are therefore, pleading for help if not they don’t know what holds for them.

Children numbered about four hundred (400) are all in the house without access to education.

These were disclosed to Gateway radio news team on a visit with Mr Abraham Makai a.k.a Old Soldier a member of the opposition NDC party to the community.

The Krachi East Municipal Chief Executive Honourable Patrick Jilimah reactions was that, the problem facing the community was not captured in the 2017 annual budget so there’s nothing they can do for now unless they design the 2018 budget.

He added that they cannot solve all the problems in the communities at a go but gradually they will attend to them all.

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