Time Running Out For Police Officer Tasked To Find Two Escapees


A police inspector at the Afife police station in the Ketu North Municipality of the Volta Region, is under investigation after two suspects escaped under his watch.

The two reportedly carried out the cell break when the allegedly drunken inspector (popularly called Alhaji) abandoned his post to go to town on Easter Monday.

The metal bars at the station were ripped off, while the lock was completely destroyed.

According to witnesses, the inmates were apprehended by some alarmed onlookers but escaped.

Divisional Police Commander, Superintendent Alex Amenyo confirmed to Joy News that a probe has been opened into the matter.

He added that preliminary investigations revealed that Alhaji was not at the station at the time of cell break.

“The investigations showed that the [suspects] actually had access to a pickaxe and were able to cause damage to the metal bars and concrete. This shows that the officer who was supposed to be on duty was not at the place.

“That act [of breaking the cell] in itself will cause a lot of noise so where was he that he did not hear the noise? This establishes that he had negligently permitted the prisoners to escape,” the ACP Amenyo quizzed.

He said the appropriate sanctions for being negligent on duty will be subject to a disciplinary action in accordance with police regulations.

According to ACP Amenyo, Alhaji has three days out of the mandatory 10 days left to find the suspects.

“The Divisional Command is also in touch with the community so we have some identification of the escapee which we are showing to the residents to help re-arrest them,” he added.

Meanwhile, four persons have been arrested in Afife for their alleged involvement in transporting several kilograms of substances suspected to be Indian hemp.

A pickup vehicle was last week impounded with six maxi bags of parcelled substances after it was abandoned in the middle of a hot chase by police upon a tipoff.

Some members of the community who spoke to Joy News said they are alarmed about the recent criminal activities in the area.

They fear crime rates could increase following what they describe as unprofessional conduct on the part of the police in the area.

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