The End Time Is Near, How To Accept Christ Now—Book


Despite the effort by the church and the evidence of the fulfilment of prophesies and the signs of the end time, the propagation of falsehood, adulteration of the Gospel, prophetism ministry and the message of Christian prosperity continue to gain grounds in Christendom.

This, coupled with the increase in wickedness, greediness, selfishness, lies, backbiting and unfaithfulness among so-called Christians has caused the love of many believers to grow cold.

On this background, a young Evangelist, Richmond Agbesi Richardson, has been directed by the Holy Spirit to author a book to remind the world of the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The book titled, “The Journey Of Life: Where Are You Heading To?” is meant to propagate the end time message and remind believers to repent.

The book also points to the world that the end time is now—with the view of making disciples for Christ by re-echoing the message of salvation to all.

According to him, as humans, we come as ‘visitors’ on this earth adding that, after death, where do we head to as Christians.

He said on judgement day, we shall be made to account for our stewardship on earth—a reality that will surely be here soon which none can escape.

Evangelist, Richmond Agbesi Richardson therefore advised the youth to desist from their sinful nature and embrace Christ to avoid the wrath of God and the end time destruction.

The book which has eight chapters, with 38 pages teaches Christians how to flee away from sin and repent. It also teaches one to accept Christ and live a righteous life filled with glory and honour.

The Founder and General Overseer of Jesus Faith and Teaching Ministry Prophet Peter Omari, who mentored the young author said the book would help reshape the thinking of Christians and many to constantly reflect on the message of salvation.

He expressed worry about the sinful nature of the youth who are caught up by the worldly exploits refusing to repent and accept Christ.

Prophet Peter Omari advised the youth to repent and accept Christ inorder to avoid His anger.

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