‘Sweet Vagina’ Woman Revealed


Elizabeth Torgbor alias Mama GeeElizabeth Torgbor alias Mama Gee

Details are emerging about the modus operandi of the lady who has been selling the ‘Sweet Vagina’ medicine which has landed her in trouble.

Elizabeth Torgbor, who goes by the name ‘Mama Gee’, sells her products mainly on social media particularly on Instagram, where she has a huge following and patronage.

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), in collaboration with the Criminal and Investigation Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service, on Wednesday arrested Mama Gee over the sale of unlicensed libido boosters and love charms.

The FDA has said the table mixtures Mama Gee has been selling are unlicensed even though she is claiming that the medicine produced in different varieties can charm men and enhance sexual activity. She says it makes men remain with the ladies who use her medicines.

According to Mama Gee, her medicines make the private parts of ladies so ‘sweet’ that men are prepared to do anything for the ladies immediately they ‘taste’ her.

Price List
The Mama Gee Empire in a post on Instagram gives a discount of up to 50 per cent for its products categorized into ‘Single’ and ‘More’.

Under the single product category, she gives discount to products such as Herb Mixture (3) – GH¢100, Herb Wash (3), GH¢50; Attraction Perfume, GH¢160; Attraction Soap, GH¢160; Favour Soap, GH¢160; Favour Oil, GH¢160; Paah Paah, GH¢100; Sweetener, GH¢50 and GH¢70; Tightener, GH¢50; and Oga Lie Low, GH¢100.

For the ‘More’ category, she gives discounts on Attraction Set, GH¢240; Selfish Love, GH¢240; Magajiya, GH¢160; Cash Out, GH¢200; Marry Me, GH¢120; Steam Herbs, GH¢50; Fire Man (3), GH¢100; Rev. Herbs, GH¢80; and Coconut Sweet, GH¢100.

Wild Testimonies
Some of the ladies who have used Mama Gee’s medicines have been giving wild testimonies about how the medicines have made men kowtow to them and give them many gifts without having to hassle them for it.

“The guy was not talking to her for the past five months; yesterday, after the soap, she says the guy was hugging and kissing her saaa. This be instant miracle paaa,” (SIC) a client claimed on WhatsApp, while another read “… the Magajiya de3 I won’t stop praising it … mama after the hot sex and he not wanting me to go to work but be in the room with him the whole day … he is asking for my passport la … chaiii he says he wants me to go to Dubia to relax and shop and have fun, ur magajiya ooo ur Magajiya.” (SIC).

“Your products gy3hy3, I tell you. Sex is sweet paapaa. I never knew until I started using your products. Kaaiii… Thanks for saving marriage, after two kids I never knew my pussy will be this tight n even sweet again. I was losing this man to another woman. God bless you!” (SIC) another said.

Another testimony read, “I use the favour oil with faith and go out, I met one guy yesterday he ask me for my number I give him, guess what he called me to meet him up somewhere I did and it was a phone shop, He asked me to pick any of phone, I said he should pick any one he liked for me, He pick iPhone x. My God bless the work of your hand.” (SIC).

The FDA pounced on her when a video of several young ladies queuing at her shop to buy the charms went viral on social media.

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