Star Black Holds Training For Its Executives


Star Black, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) has organised a day’s skills training for its top executives in Accra. 

The NGO, whose primary mandate has been human empowerment, skill training and advocacy on Saturday, October 27, 2018  trained 45 of its leaders, coming from all regions in Ghana in the production of liquid soap, detol and hair cream in Accra.

The founder, Mr. Jomo Kweku Hutaa, a Pan Africanist, human rights activist, entrepreneur and a songwriter told The Chronicle that his group has been able to train over 500 people across the branches in the country. 

He stated that they have been able to organise workshops for many people in the production of batik tye and die, pastries, jewellery, beads making, footwear and many others.

He said the NGO has been targeting and coaching many people on how to go into animal farming, soap making, batik tye and tie, yoghurt production and many others, especially those in the rural communities for the past twenty years of its existence.

According to him, Star Black’s primary motive is targeting the youth in these areas and assisting them in the development of their mind-set, advocacy, as well as giving them a skill to make a living.

He stated that, whether a participant is educated or not, the job training they offer is not difficult to comprehend and is of immense benefit to the participants.

He further explained that what he and his group are interested in doing is to see to it that people get the needed skills to compete with others and leave the streets to do something meaningful with their lives.

“We do not just train the youth and leave them to their fate, but after the skill training, we follow up to see their progress and give them financial capital as start up”, he said.

Speaking to Mr. Samuel Attoh, the Project Coordinator and Greater Accra president of the group, he expressed that “this is the sure way of affecting lives through guidance and skill training” to use the knowledge in their small way to transform others.

The participants at programme consisted of nurses, chartered accountants, traders, students and information technology graduates among others.

They told the news team that they are gathered to be trained and go to their towns to affect lives with their skills by teaching others to be gainfully employed in their own small way.

Asward Nkrabea, an executive director of Food Sovereignty Ghana, upon whose laps the NGO was built, also expressed his delight in seeing the participants.

He said he was satisfied with the dedication, team spirit, focus and enthusiasm he was seeing in their faces and will standby to see what they make of the skills gathered at the event.

Mr. Nkrabea said he and his team from Jamaica and the United States of America have never regretted what they started many years ago in investing their bounty resources in the youth of Ghana.

He went further to mention that Star Black will not restrict any group of people in the society and that they are in for all and will avail themselves to invest all resources in helping the vulnerable, defend their members and help anyone ready to learn from them.

The executives told The Chronicle they will be heading to Koforidua this week to train another group.

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