St Peters Pinches Mawuli, Keta SHTS Into NSMQ Final


St Peter’s Senior High has defeated Keta Senior High and Technical School and Mawuli SHS, the two remaining Volta Region schools in Monday afternoon’s NSMQ semifinal competition to book a place in the final contest.

The contest started unimpressively with all three schools getting most of their questions wrong.

Not even a combination of ‘Wisdom’ and ‘Isaac Newton’ could find their way around the science questions for Mawuli school.

Keta Senior High and Technical School from the Southernmost part of the Volta Region managed 14 points to top the first round with Nkwatia based St Peters following with 11 points.

Mawuli SHS from Ho trailed in the round, finishing with 8 points. But those points plummeted to 2 after they gave a series of wrong answers in the Speed Race round.

St Peters and Keta SHTS, however, added some credits to tie at 15 points each at the end of the round.

The game-changing round, Problem of the Day could not change the game at all with all three schools scoring just a single point each out of the available 10 points.

The penultimate round which required contestants to tell the Truth or Falsity of statements read to them brought the best out of St Peters. They got all their questions answered correctly.

Mawuli SHS saw a major point build-up in the round, finishing with 10 more points.

Keta SHTS finished with 26 points; At this point, the game was open with any of the three schools ready for a shock victory in the dreaded riddles segment which had 20 points ready for grabs.

Mawuli SHS literally won the contest for St Peter’s as they picked three of the four riddles to trash Keta SHTS’s hope of causing an upset.

Two-time winners, St Peter’s answered the second riddle to confirm their victory and spot in the Grand finale.

Final Results
Mawuli 22
Keta SHTS 26
St Peters SHS 35
Story by Ghana| | Oswald K Azumah| [email protected]

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