SSNIT Allows Hijab As Part Of Corporate Dress


After MUYAD Social Services (MSS) petition against the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) about alleged religious dressing discrimination against Ms Rabiatu Mohammed, a national service candidate posted to SSNIT Tarkwa branch, SSNIT has responded to the petition.

In the petition, MSS sought to request for response to an alleged constitutional and fundamental human right abuse against a citizen on grounds of religious discrimination for denying Mrs Rabiatu Mohammed as opportunity to do her mandatory national service with the Trust because she refused to comply to remove her hijab (obligatory hair cover for Muslim ladies).

The petition was to ensure that, Article 21(1)(c) of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana, which allows every citizen to observe and manifest their religion in the country was fully and duly respected and applied.

SSNIT, in showing strong interest in the case responded to the petition through MSS and requested for some time to undertake investigation into the alleged case of abuse.

After the investigation, the findings admitted knowing Mrs Rabiatu who posted to SSNIT Tarkwa Branch for her national service but do not agree with Ms. Mohammed on exactly what happened.

However, it is heartwarming to MUYAD Social Services, the victim, lawyers and surely to the Muslim community in Ghana to learn that, SSNIT as law abiding entity that upholds human rights principles has decided to review its dress code policy to define requirements for hijab (obligatory dress rules for Muslim ladies) across the country.

“In the wake of this occurrence, the Trust has reviewed its policy on dress codes. Management has, in principle, acknowledged that the hijab, in particular, be acceptable in the dress code. Deliberation on acceptable definition of the hijab for the dress code policy are ongoing and close to conclusion.” SSNIT stated in its response to the MSS petition.

“We hope this clarifies the position of SSNIT”, it added.

MUYAD Social Service and the Muslim community in general wish to thank The Board and Management, especially, Mr Michael Addo, the media, the Office of the Vice President and all stakeholders which helped for once again, Ghana being the winner in this peaceful coexistence among the various religious groupings in the country.

Thank you.


Adnan Adams Mohammed

Executive Director,

MUYAD Social Services


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