SSGL Adjudged Best Environmental Sanitation Company


Sewerage Systems Ghana Limited (SSGL), an engineering and construction company in Accra has been adjudged the Best Environmental and Sanitation Company of the Year 2018.

The award was bestowed on the company by the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) at the 7th AGI Ghana Industry & Quality Awards held at the Kempinski Hotel.

It was received by the Managing Director of SSGL, Said Haidarand, and the Business Development and Communications Manager of the company, Lola Asiseh Ashitey.

In a statement copied to Adom News, Lola Ashitey said the achievement will boost the morale of the staff of the company.

“This incredible achievement would boost the morale of our highly spirited staff to continually give their best in all aspects of operations to support our company’s objective of building similar and appropriate treatment plants in other parts of the country and beyond,” she said.

She noted that the establishment of SSGL has brought an end to the dumping of liquid waste into the sea and its attendant offensive stench at the famous lavender hill near Korle Gonno beach.

“Our intervention has brought a major attitudinal change in the management of liquid waste, and that is key to solving the sanitation problem in the city,” she said.

Lola Ashitey explained that it has been proven and evidence had shown that the cleanest cities in the world came about as a result of people changing their attitude towards their environment, knowing the health hazards that poor sanitation could bring to them.

She say SSGL believes the clean Ghana agenda is achievable only when every Ghanaian makes conscious efforts to stop indiscriminate disposal of waste, be it solid or liquid.

SSGL has solved the over eleven-decade challenge of indiscriminate disposal of liquid wastes into the sea at the old lavender Hill in James Town-Accra.

The unbearable stench coupled with the ugly sight of vultures and flies feeding on the human excreta being discharged directly into the sea in that area, are no more.

Touching on the goals of SSGL, Lola Ashitey said the company focuses on the provision of efficient liquid waste treatment.

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