Sex Laid Bare At Maiden Ultimate Sex And Spirituality Seminar


The maiden ultimate fm sex and spirituality conference was an evening of enlightenment about the subject of sex and its unseen implications on partners.

Host of Building Relationships Reverend Benjamin Yankah took participants through the concept of soul ties, a reality rarely considered by unmarried couples.

“When you have sex apart from marriage, you are contaminating your spirit life because the bonding that comes when there is sex is just like you putting glue and sticking two pieces of wood together. If it is dry and you want to break it apart, certainly some part of each one will remain on the other and that is what has been happening,” he explained.

Theologian and Counsellor JON NTSIFUL affectionately called Uncle John, elucidated on the Topic of qualities any woman should look out for in a potential husband.

He outlined the qualities as, “A man who loves god and knows him personally; a man who Loves Unconditionally; a transparent man of integrity; a gentle and humble man; a Considerate man who can bring the best out of a spouse and an individual who is motivated and takes initiative.”

Wife of Rev Yankah took on the ladies; and threw more light on what should entail the marriage aspirations of a wife.

Cardinal among her points was for women to be motivated to bring out the best in their husbands.

Recounting her own story she indicated, “I put it in my head that if he fails, I have failed so whatever I will do to make him succeed, I have to do. That means a lot of compromises and sacrifices.”

Participants numbering close to two hundred could not bottle in their impressions about the event and demanded another edition of the event.

A woman indicated, “It was very educative and I have learnt a lot. I really enjoyed it and I hope it will be continued to be done every month for us to learn a lot.”

An elated young lady told Ultimate News, “Of late, having sex before marriage is becoming normal in the society we have now but from what I have learnt here, it’s wise and fair that we wait on God till marriage before you have sex

“I have been listening to Building relationships for two years now and it has really saved my life and with this program, we need the episode two, three and even the ninety ninth part of it and I am looking forward to more from Ultimate fm,” Eric pointed out.

Marketing and Brands Manager Nana Banyin Anamel, who had to get in more chairs to accommodate the numbers, disclosed that the building relationships team has taken a cue from the huge patronage to organise subsequent events.

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