Resolve Internal Impasse or Face Derailment


A group calling itself The Northern Network for Education Development (NNED) has a strong warning to the General Assembly of the Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition (GNECC) to ensure it resolves the current internal impasse or face a derailment of all achievements chalked.

According to a statement signed by its Coordinator, Gaskin Dassah, NNED has observed with concern the current happenings in the Coalition and believes this is not good for the Educational system in the country.

Mr. Dassah said “NNED wishes to state that if measures are not taken to address these issues, all the achievements made will be derailed. There are some information that due to the current situation within the Coalition, the Ministry of Education (MoE) did not involve the Coalition in this year’s National Education Sector Annual Review (NESAR) planning processes as has always been in the past.”

The Northern Network for Education Development (NNED) exist among other things to contribute to improve quality

Education delivery in Ghana. Over the years, both Organizations have been preoccupied with this core mandate which has resulted in improved learning outcomes and the final beneficiary being the poor Ghanaian child.

The statement further revealed that NNED declined a statement from the MoE on behalf of Civil Society at the 2019 NEW/NESAR forum explaining that it does not want to break existing protocols since both Organizations.

“We have always worked together to represent Civil Society at this platform in years past. The second reason why NNED declined was that we do not want to be perceived as perpetuating the current impasse within the Coalition.” the statement said.

The Northern Network for Education Development (NNED) is a network representing the 5 regions of Northern Ghana has a double burden of fighting poverty and overcoming the greatest educational needs in Ghana. We wish to remain neutral at all times while encouraging all members to support any process without taking sides. NNED equally entreats all members to ensure any intent or action by any member is solely in the best interest of unity, consolidation and growth of a strong national coalition on education.

It is emerging that per NNED’s assessment, the current situation if not addressed immediately, may have dire consequences on us as a Coalition both at the National and Global levels, the prospects of education in Ghana and posterity will not forgive us.

The statement said “The situation, if allowed to persist may also raise credibility issues and may even have serious implications on the Coalition interms of our relationship with our partners/donors, duty bearers, people on whose behalf we advocate, our allies in the advocacy arena, etc.”

The Northern Network for Education Development (NNED) wishes to register its displeasure and strongly recommends that; ALL PARTIES involved should please go back to the negotiation table and have this issue resolved as a family through a mediation process.

NNED is of the conviction that an amicable solution to this challenge will see the poor Ghanaian child as the ultimate winner but not any of the “opposing parties”.

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