Repair Death Trap Bridges Linking Prestea To Awudua To Save Lives


Repair Death Trap Bridges Linking Prestea To Awudua To Save Lives

Prestea Communicators for Development (PCD), a civil society group

based in Prestea in the Western Region of Ghana is appealing to

government through the department of feeder roads, regional minister,

Hon. Dr. Kwaku Afriyie, MCE for Prestea Huni-Valley, Hon. Mozart K.

Owuh and MP, Hon. Lawyer Mrs. Barbara Oteng-Gyasi to *help repair four dangerous

bridges that link Prestea to Awudua* in the Prestea Huni-Valley

The bridges, which served as the main rail-line from Tarkwa to

Prestea, now is being used as footpath by market women, school

children, farmers and all manner of people attending funerals and

transacting business at Awudua.
After a field tour by Prestea Communicators for Development PCD, and

Mr. Bulley, PCD is recommending:
1. A flat angle stainless steel metal be used, and all the dilapidated

wooden material removed.
2. Side walking guard made of metal be erected side by side to prevent

any death on slipping.
Prestea Communicators for Development noted a lot of Cocoa Farmers,

Rubber Plantations and food crops farmers are in the area and this

will help improve the life of the people. Its our fervent belief that

the government of Ghana, and its representatives value the life of

every Ghanaian, especially farmers and people in small towns and will

do a field tour on this particular issue and find amicable solution to


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