Prof. Nwagbara Claims In Viral Video Not True


Management of the University of Ghana (UG) has disassociated itself from Professor Austin Nwagbara, a Nigerian Professor of English who was captured on video criticizing the university and other Ghanaian tertiary institutions at a meeting.

In the video which has gone viral on social media, Professor Nwagbara who claimed he is a lecturer at the university said “…Our people will come here and pay $10,000 but they will not pay N20,000 in the University of Lagos … What an average student pays at the University of Lagos in one session to get a degree in English is N12,000. Ghanaians are there paying N12,000… if you ask Nigerians to donate N50,000 naira every year to contribute to that university they will riot but the same Nigerians will come here and pay $10,000 for something 80 percent inferior to Nigeria.”

However, a statement signed and issued on Tuesday, June 18, by the Director of Public Affairs at the University of Ghana, Legon, Stella Amoa said: “Professor Nwagbara is currently not a member of faculty at the University of Ghana.”

According to the university, the claims made by the Professor in the video relating to the Universities source of income, students fees, amongst others are untrue and do not represent the true facts and figures of the schools’ income and state of affairs.

Below is the full statement:

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618201992834 1i841p5cbv ug statement

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