Private Employment Agencies Offer To Counsel Laid-Off Workers


The Ghana Association for Private Employment Agencies (GHAPEA), a body of 30 of the nation’s top private employment agencies, has offered to counsel and provide job re-entry services for all laid off and unemployed workers in Ghana.

GHAPEA indicated this on Friday during a joint press conference with other licensed agencies, returnee migrant workers, laid off workers and unemployed workers of Ghana.

“The rate of unemployment in Ghana is deepening and is becoming a major security threat,” said Alhaji Saeed, Chairman of GHAPEA.

“As an Association with over 30 members nationally, licensed to provide over 100 categories of jobs both in Ghana and overseas – for professionals, highly skilled, semi and unskilled persons, we are ready to help,” said Alhaji Ajat Jibril, Vice President of GHAPEA.

“GHAPEA is ready to provide post layoff counselling services, job re-entry services and prayers at our member locations in Accra and Tema to divert possible onset depression common with laid off and unemployed persons, said Rev Dr Ocansey, Executive Secretary of GHAPEA.

“We are ready to partner Government to serve Ghanaians and Ghana to ease the blow of the deepening unemployment in Ghana,” she added.

“We believe that together, we can help Ghana rapidly make unemployment a thing of the past, but we must all act now,” said Ms Sama Darko, Operations Officer of GHAPEA.

Alhaji Dan Limann, an Executive member of GHAPEA said, “GHAPEA members recognise how difficult it is to be suddenly unemployed and we seek to be a solution to this national crisis. We are asking all local companies to register their vacancies onto the GHAPEAJOBS Platform by sending vacancies to [email protected]

GHAPEA recently petitioned Government to expedite the lifting of the suspension of employment in the Gulf countries.

GHAPEA is also inviting all unemployed and recently laid off persons and Associations to join the upcoming “Unemployment Peace Walk” on September 18 from the Labour Office to the Ministry of Employment from 9 am to noon.

GHAPEA is a duly registered Association registered in July 2015, at the request of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Employment and Social Enterprise. GHAPEA has members listed below who are licensed to provide decent jobs in Ghana and overseas in over 100 categories of jobs.

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