Pm Express Looks Into What Is A Job?


On PmExpress tonight 9 PM on Joy News Channel we will try to understand what a ‘job’ is. The creation of jobs in Ghana has been a challenge and a legendary problem.

The problem gets even more complicated as the number of SHS graduates increases and universities springing up everywhere, also churning out more graduates, all of them hoping to get a foot on the very choked job ladder.

As if we don’t have enough employment problems, we have now been blessed with free SHS, which in 2 years, will be producing half a million graduates either for the non-existent job market or to continue to the tertiary level.

But what is JOB? How is it created? Why is it so scarce? Join me tonight with Professor William Baah -Boateng, a labour Economist, as we try to understand JOB.

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