Plan An Amazing Baecation With These Tips


Plan An Amazing Baecation With These Tips

The trip with your lover is special. This is because travelling with a significant other can be an exciting adventure if you do it right. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares tips to make sure you have an amazing baecation.

Share the responsibilities
To avoid feeling like you’re doing all the work for this holiday, share tasks between you two depending on your strengths and weaknesses. if you’re a good planner, then be in charge of flight tickets, booking accommodation and the itinerary. If he’s a good navigator let him be in charge of the map or drive.

Research your destination
You don’t want to be the only one going to a place or destination that interest you. The perfect place is one where the both of will are able to enjoy yourselves, even with your different personalities.

Avoid a tight schedule
It’s understandable that you want to experience as much as you can when on your baecation. But doing this can make your outing feel more like a chore. Rather than planning activities that you need to pay for ahead, it’s best you just go with the flow. This way you don’t risk wasting money.

Learn how to compromise
Planning and paying for your trip doesn’t mean you get to dictate what you guys do. It’s possible that you too are interested in different things, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t compromise.

Don’t drink every night
It’s very tempting to down your favourite beverage every night, but this might affect your mood and result in a wasteful trip. Waking up from a hangover can leave you feeling tired and irritable, creating the opportunity for you to sleep the whole day.

Set ground rules regarding money
Coming back home broke because you overspent on your holiday isn’t cute. Remember you still have to live upon your return so have money set aside for activities and stick to the budget.

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