Pastor Orders Collapse Of School Building At Wassa Akropong


The activities of the Head Pastor of RISS congregation Presbyterian church, it branch at Wasa Akropong, Pastor Ebenezer Nana Mensah Kumah does not only torments the progress of the Presbyterian church, but also pose a health threat to some nearby residents and pupil’s acquiring academics at RISS Primary school.

Mr Enock Atta Odame Antwi, the head teacher of RISS Primary school told pressmen that the ‘recalcitrant’ behaviour of the Pastor has brought fort troubles to the school rendering parents to pull out their wards from the school.

The head teacher continued that Pastor Ebenezer Nana Mensah Kumah has initiated and establishes his own Kindergarten, leaving the existing lower primary and the church Kindergarten to collapse thus, calling on the Presbyterian church authorities and Wasa Akropong Education directorates to call the Pastor to order for peace to dominate.

Reports indicate that, Pastor Ebenezer Nana Mensah Kumah, on Friday, ordered some youth from Wasa Akropong to pull down the school Library, Staff common room, students urinal and classroom block which is under construction for the past 4 years.

Further preliminary investigations by journalists at Wasa Akropong reveals that the collapsed infrastructure were under construction by the Teachers, Parents Association ( P.T.A ) of the school which each guidance were forced to pay gh¢20 to solicits fund for the school project.

Speaking to some affected school caterers whose their day to day activities supersede feeding the pupils, also accused the Pastor of collapsing the school’ feeding canteen to pave way to fence the Presbyterian church lands and other properties including the school without a notice.

They stated that, since the collapse of the canteen, the under aged pupil do feed on the floor under the scorch Sun which expose the lives of the students to danger.

Journalists at Wasa Akropong say, several attempt has been made to reach the head Pastor of RISS congregation Presbyterian church, Pastor Ebenezer Nana Mensah Kumah for his side of the story but proved nil. Adding that, the accused Pastor “insulted and chased out” journalist who attempt to question him on his actions.

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