NPP 2nd Vice Chairman Hopeful Bemoans Rise Of Road Accidents In Ghana


Mr. Kingsley Adumattah Agyapong

Mr. Kingsley Adumattah Agyapong

The Chairman of Ghanaian Transport Workers Association UK and NPP 2nd Vice Chairman hopeful, Mr. Kingsley Adumattah Agyapong, ( Road Safety Awareness Campaigner ) has bemoaned the rise of road accidents in the country.

Mr. Agyapong popularly known as “Wofa K” emphasised on the need for appropriate measures to be put in place to reduce the rapid mortality rate on our roads.

He commended the President for what he believes is a bold step to tackle the increasing incidents of accidents on Ghana’s roads and the three-pronged approach to dealing with accidents involves Education, Enforcement and Engineering.

Mr. AGYAPONG believes the Action Plan by government with personal or individual precautions will help reduce the rising death on our roads.

Mr. Agyapong cautioned drivers to prioritise the safety and comfort of their passengers. “As a Passenger Carrying Vehicle ( PCV ) or Heavy Goods Vehicle ( HGV ) License Holder, you must do your daily walk-round checks of your vehicle, especially on the wheels ( tyres ) of the vehicle, to see if there is any deep cuts that could put you and your passengers life in danger. Make sure brakes, horn, and gears are not faulty. Make sure all lights are in a good working condition, including brake lights, indicator lights, headlights, sidelights, as well as interior lights.”

He posited that, drivers should not overtake vehicles in front anyhow. “Before overtaking you must make sure it is not on a bend or on a curve and the road ahead is clear. You should not overtake going up a hill, or down a hill.”

“When someone attempts to overtake you let them go. Do not race with them, by doing this you will avoid accidents ( collision ) happening and help save lives.” he added .

He stressed on the need for drivers to have good observation (view ahead) of what is happening on both sides of the road on which they’re driving. A driver he said should be able to see at least 100-200 yards ahead.

This he said will help improve their observation, and perception towards hazards on the road which will help drivers anticipate and react positively to any unfortunate incident on the road to avoid collision ( accident ).

He cautioned drivers not to get too close to the vehicles in front, as they’ll need enough time and distance to stop. This will avoid a possible ( accident ) collision, in case the vehicle in front stops suddenly.

“In a slow moving traffic, make sure you have a clear view of the rear wheels ( tyres ) of the vehicle in front so you can get round it, in case the vehicle breakdown.” He added.

He admonished drivers to desist from alcohol consumption. “Alcohol we all know makes one less conscious of dangers and can prevent the driver from reacting early to hazards or avoidable accidents.”

Alcohol he said, slows down the reaction time of drivers and gives them a false sense of confidence behind the wheel.

Ghana loses six(6) people to road accident daily and over 2000 accidents have so far been recorded within the 1st quarter of 2018. This alarming figures he said, doesn’t look good for the country’s future.

He concluded by saying, in as much as our roads are in bad conditions, negligence and indiscipline are the major causes of road accidents in Ghana.

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