Nkilgi FM manager storms sister radio station with thugs,attacks presenter on air


The General Manager of Nkilgi FM in Bole in the Northern region of Ghana Tuesday morning allegedly stormed the premises of a sister radio station,PAD FM in Damongo with thugs,numbering five(5),attacked a presenter who was on air and took away his motorbike.

The incident which happened Tuesday morning,has caught the attention of most people who are lashing out at the manager for what they describe,’blatant disregard for the authority of the radio station’.

Narrating his ordeal in an interview on PAD FM,the victim,Adam Akilu Gideon said he felt traumatized by the incident.

He recounted he was on air that faithful morning for his usual morning show when his former manager together with four(4) young men banged into the on air studio and started raining strong words on him.

They attempted taking keys of his motorbike away from him,and after he resisted,they engaged in a near “pigs fight” with him and finally overpowered him with their number.The radio station went off air suddenly through the struggle,an incident most listeners have confirmed.

He said they made away with his motorbike,Gh500.00,his room keys and caused damaged to properties belonging to the radio station including the fader of the console.

He said the motorbike rightfully belongs to him and is registered in his name,adding that,he was given the motorbike when he went to Nkilgi FM as a worker.

He said an internal memo addressed to all workers of the station who were handed the motorbikes directed that they register them in their names and no motobike would be taken away from a worker anyday he or she decides to leave the station,Nkilgi FM.

A portion of the memo reads,”All workers including Morelife have motorbikes now and we even have two extra. All workers should try and Register their motorbikes in their name because no motorbike will be taken back even if a worker is no longer with Nkilgi FM”.

He disclosed he has dully reported the matter to the police together with the general manager of PAD FM.

Mr. Akilu Gideon is praying the police to help him retrieve his motorbike,money and other belongings and that justice must be served in the case.

Meanwhile,a medical report sighted indicates the victim sustained minor injuries on his chest and hand.

The programmes manager of PAD FM, Adam Afuli Adam said it was unlawful for the general manager of Nkilgi FM to enter another radio station in such fashion without permission and wreck such havoc.

The matter according to him came to his attention when the radio station suddenly went off during normal broadcasting period whilst he was monitoring.He attempted calling the presenter to no avail,but later received a call from the general manager,Zaabelle Mathew briefing him about the unfortunate incident.

He said there were laid down rules and regulations to follow before one is allowed access to the radio station,further stating that,the manager could have simply called him or the general manager of the station and address his concern through them,rather than taking the law into his own hands.

According to him,the security man was given false information by Mr. Haruna and his men to be granted access to the studio.

He disclosed that some properties of the radio station were destroyed through the process and that a full audit was yet to be conducted to ascertain the extent of damage.

He appealed to his colleagues to remain calm as the matter is being handled by the police.

The presenters who initially contemplated a sit-down strike in solidarity with their collegue said they were no longer safe and their security cannot be assured.

Alhassan Z. Nicholas who spoke on their behalf is praying the appropriate authority to act and bring the truth to bear.

The General manager of Nkilgi FM has however consistently maintained that the motorbike belongs to his radio station and that the presenter was keeping it unlawfully.

Checks at the West Gonja Police Command reveals that,the matter is currently being investigated.

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