NIB Supports PottsKyphosis Patient With 30k To Undergo Surgery


The National Investment Bank (NIB) in collaboration with Global Outreach Consortium supports a 16-year-old girl named Patience Addo who is battling her life with Potts Kyphosis (TB of the spinal cord) with a sum of GHC30,000 to undergo surgery.

Potts Kyphosis is a form of tuberculosis that occurs outside the lungs whereby the disease is seen in the vertebrae.

Tuberculosis can affect several tissues outside the lungs including the spine, a kind of tuberculosis arthritis of the intervertebral joints.

According to the medical doctor in charge of NIB clinic Ltd. Dr. Humphrey Narh, Potts Kyphosis is a deadly disease which rare among TB patients and if immediate medical care is not taken the person might lose his or her life.

“it is progressive and deadly disease, so when global outreach consortium took it upon themselves to assist her and seek our support as well, we decided to help the best way we can so she could Undergo her surgery, ” he said.

Tuberculosis begins in the lungs when you inhale air that contains mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB), or the bacteria that causes TB and develop into Potts Kyphosis if the infection spreads from the lungs to the spine. MTB infects the joints to the spine, causing a form of spinal arthritis.

Controlling the spread of tuberculosis infection can prevent tuberculosis spondylitis and arthritis.

Patients who have a positive PPD Test (but not active tuberculosis) may decrease their risk by properly taking medicines to prevent tuberculosis.

To effectively treat tuberculosis, it is crucial that patients take their medications exactly as prescribed.

Dr. Humphrey advised the general public to take their health care serious and try to visit the hospital for regular check up.

The Communications Director of Global Outreach Consortium, Madam Naadu Teipio, expressed their gratitude to NIB for lending a hand to help Patience Addo undertake her surgery.

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