Newly Registered Non-prescription Medicine Sellers Receive Training


A total of 114 newly registered over-the-counter medicine sellers from 11 Municipalities and Districts in the Upper West Region have been trained by the Pharmacy Council in Wa.

The training comes after the Council sensitized the public on the need to patronize services of only authorized medicine sellers from pharmacies and registered over-the-counter medicine sellers.

Speaking at the workshop, Madam Cynthia Yeboah Mintah, the Acting Head of Education, Training and Research Department of the Pharmacy Council, entreated the public to desist from buying medicines from drug peddlers and unauthorized sources as the practice posed severe health risks to users.

She urged the media to join the Council in educating the public to understand the dangers involved in patronizing non-prescription medicine from unauthorized sellers.

Madam Mintah noted that Pharmacy was a regulated practice and that anything that had to do with the sale and supply of medicines, ought to be regulated for the safety of consumers.

She, therefore, urged the newly registered over-the-counter medicine sellers to understand their mandate under the law, so that they would be able to work within its confines.

‘The training is also designed to let them know the class of medicine they will be stocking and selling to the public, which is the Class C medicines,’ she added.

She explained that Class C medicines did not include prescription only medicines, and warned that over-the-counter medicine seller who stocked prescription only medicines such as Tramadol and others have offended the law and would be arraigned before the General Purpose Committee of the Council and interrogated when caught.

Madam Mintah said the Pharmacy Council would do routine and investigative inspections to ensure that over-the-counter medicine sellers operated within their mandate.

She said those found culpable could have their license revoked or suspended and would be handed over to the police for prosecution.

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