NDC chairman dares Akufo-Addo to instruct soldiers to ‘arrest’ galloping cedis


The Western Regional Chairman of opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Nana Kojo Toku, has dared President Akuffo Addo to instruct the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) to arrest the country’s galloping currency (cedis).

He said since the Vice President, who is Chairman of the Police Council has not been able to keep the currency in check, as earlier claimed that it had been arrested and locked up with the keys given to the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

He said the currency has overturned his claims, and therefore it would have to take the President of the country to use soldiers as Commander in Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces, to cause the re-arrest of the currency, which has lately been galloping in depreciation against the constant appreciation of the American dollar.

Addressing enthusiastic party supporters in Takoradi recently after a ‘Peaceful Walk’ through the principal streets of the Central Business District (CBD), dubbed “Change the change” the Chairman descended heavily on government for failing Ghanaian electorates.

“I am making an appeal to the Vice President Dr. Mahmudu Bawumia to inform President Akuffo Addo to instruct soldiers to arrest the galloping cedis since the currency has overpowered IGP and his men”, he said.

According to Nana Toku, the currency politics, as carried out by the NPP in opposition, would continue to hunt them in government because they failed to tell Ghanaians the truth.

“We told them that governance was a process, but they wouldn’t listen and trumpeted all the solutions. Now they are in government struggling to understand where, how and what to do”.

The tough talking Regional Chairman explained that many Ghanaian electorates unfortunately fell for the campaign trap of Dr. Bawumia and heavily fell in love with the NPP following the currency politics he and his party adopted to make the Mahama administration unpopular.

“The change people asked for, they got it, but they are reeling, especially now that things are getting out of hand. Free SHS introduction alone has caused anxiety among parents. You didn’t have sufficient infrastructure, yet, you insisted on implementing the Free SHS policy along side double tracking, and parents are now being forced to pay for extra classes for their wards who are sitting at home for three months. Hasn’t President John Dramani Mahama been vindicated?”

He said the former President who is gunning for a return, had told Ghanaians that they shouldn’t listen to the scathing attacks persistently been launched by Dr. Bawumia, because he didn’t have any experience of the Presidency and that only former Presidents who had lived in his shoes could criticise him constructively.

“But Ghanaians didn’t understand why President Mahama made those statements and some even took it out of context.

Fortunately, the NPP won the elections and the campaign shadows are beginning to hunt the administration of President Akuffo Addo, causing widespread anger and disappointment among Ghanaian electorates”.

The Chairman said following these widespread anger and disappointment across the country, the NDC would have to work hard and return the party to power to rescue the country.

“The time is up for Western Region to stand up and be counted. Western Region is a deciding factor in any elections in Ghana and will definitely be a deciding factor in 2020”.

Under the circumstance, he said “There is a bigger task ahead of us to prosecute the change campaign agenda that would lead to victory in 2020”

On various interest groups playing diverse roles to actualize this dream of guaranteeing the return of NDC to power, he said grassroots army of the party would shoulder the process.

“The Red Lions of NDC are ready to fight and fight well for victory in the upcoming national elections”, he said.

He charged organizers of the walk, to extend the decentralized campaign program to the nook and cranny of the Region.

“I am charging organizers of the event to expand the scope, and reach out to other communities in the Western Region to spread the change message”.

On his part, former Deputy Western Regional Minister Alfred Ekow Gyan, said the campaign rhymes of the Vice President during the 2016 elections was about the suffering masses.

“Bawumia used to say Ghanaian teachers are suffering, Nurses are suffering, Doctors are suffering, Farmers are suffering, parents are suffering and everybody in Ghana suffering”, he emphasized.

According to him, whilst the economist was hinging his campaign on this vile propaganda to score political points, the NDC was candid with the electorates.

For him, the outcome of the 2016 polls gave the Ghanaian electorates an opportunity to compare the performance of the NDC in government and the NPP in government.

Therefore, the 2020 polls, he said would present another opportunity for Ghanaian electorates to make inform decision on which party would best serve their interest in government.

Source: Daniel Kaku

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