NAB Holds Media Sensitisation Seminar In Kumasi


The National Accreditation Board (NAB) headed by Dr. Kingsley Nyarko as Executive Secretary has held a press seminar in Kumasi.

The event, held on Thursday, 28th November, 2019 served the purpose of sensitising media personnel and their agencies on the legal establishment and mandate of the NAB.

Speaking at the event, the Executive Secretary of NAB, Dr. Kingsley Nyarko noted with much concern how some higher learning institutions, especially private tertiary institutions have taken undue advantage of the public and prospective learners on issues relating to institutional and program accreditation.

He said, “the public and many of our prospective higher education students do not visit our website to access information regarding institutions or programs of the institution which are accredited and for that matter fall prey to some unaccredited institutions and/or their programs”.

Equally speaking on the mandate of the Board, Dr. Nyarko stated that, the National Accreditation Board has the sole duties of accrediting both public and private (tertiary) institutions with regard to contents and standards of their programmes, determine in consultation with the appropriate institution or body the programme and requirements for the proper operation of that institution and the maintenance of acceptable levels of academic or professional standards, determine the equivalences of diplomas, certificates and other qualifications awarded by institutions in Ghana or elsewhere, advise the President on the grant of a Charter to a private tertiary institution, etc.

Dr. Kingsley Nyarko also highlighted the procedures in giving accreditation to institutions and their programs. “There are three major procedures we follow to give accreditation to institutions and/or their programs. These are; Institutional Authorization, Institutional Accreditation and Programme Accreditation,” he said, “All these three are complimentary so acquiring the first without the other two does not warrant any individual or groups to undertake programs or run a higher learning institution.”

He cautions the illegal operating institutions to desist from such practices. “NAB will always crack the whip on any institution that seeks to operate without lawful accreditation of institution or program” he said, indicating that “such practices only end up putting the future of unsuspected students in jeopardy and for that matter will never be accepted by NAB.”

The event gave over 100 media stations the opportunity to meet the NAB and to seek relevant information on accreditation of higher institutions and their programs and to also make relevant inputs into the activities of NAB.

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