Massive Consumer Opportunity At Ghana’s First Campus Business & Consumer Expo


An anticipated intake of over 10,000 students in September 2018 will swell the resident student population at the University of Ghana to a high of close to 40,000. Data analysts observe, “This presents an enormous incentive to service providers and product vendors to tap into a potentially rich source of immediate business as well as creating brand awareness for the next generation of big spenders.”

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Under the patronage of the University of Ghana; Careers and Counselling Center, the first annual International Campus Business & Consumer Expo ’18 is due to take place at the very heart of student life in mid-semester from 25-27 October 2018

Consumer engagement with the millennials marketis now high priority for businesses since this demographic has proven massive spending power.

Around 120 sponsors and exhibitors from nearly every sector of modern Ghanaian Industry including, Banking, Fintech, ICT, Educational Requisites, Travel & Hospitality, Insurance, Investment, Health & Medicine, Fashion & Lifestyle, E commerce, Agribusiness, Sports,Nonprofits,Etc.are expected to participate at the ICBC Expo’18.

The organizer’swill develop the theme Leveraging Millennials at a three-day symposium designed to help the next generation gain maximum traction with modern business’s.

The Exhibition and Conference: Leveraging Millennial’s share a unique platform to positively influence consumer decision’s amongst the burgeoning youth population of this nation, considered by many around the world to be a shining example of strong leadership in entrepreneurship.

The first of an annual series, the International Campus Business & Consumer Expo ‘18, is supported and endorsed by the University of Ghana Careers and Counselling Department, organized by Hullmark Links and in partnership with EXPROM UK.

For information about Exhibiting and sponsorship benefits and costs or advertising at the International Campus Business & Consumer Expo ‘18, please get in touch on any of the below contacts.

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