Man ‘Accidentally’ Shot Dead By Police At Senchi Police Station


Nyable Modzifa, a 25-year-old, man who was in the company of a group which stormed the Senchi Police Station in an attempt to free two suspects has been “accidentally” shot to death by a police officer.

Sergeant Francis Gormado, the Deputy Eastern Regional Police Public Relations Officer, said investigations were ongoing into what went into what he said was the accidental discharged.

The two suspects, Victor Hodzi and Patrick Amegbanu were arrested after they attempted to disarm policemen at the Adomi Senchi snap checkpoint following a misunderstanding.

They were on a motorbike when they were signalled to stop for inspection.

The group, who heard the news of the arrest of their friends stormed the police station in an attempt to free the suspects, Sgt. Gormado narrated.

“A group from the area of young men did not take the arrest of their colleagues lightly so they actually organised and attacked the police at Senchi. In the process, a firearm was discharged and in the process, one of the young men who attacked the station was hit by the bullet and he died.”

An eyewitness, Solomon Afari, also told Citi News that he viewed the death as an accidental one.

“The police just shot a guy in front to the police station and the townspeople are thining of retaliating. it is no the fault of the policeman. it is the group of people who were going onto the policeman that made him shoot.”

The body of the deceased has since been deposited at the Atua Government Hospital for preservation and autopsy.

Meanwhile, the Regional Police Command is calling for calm among residents.


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