Liberia: A Sorrowful Country


The ascendency of the CDC led government to the country’s highest office has created scenes of mess and a stage for embarrassment. Since the CDC led government took office on January 22, 2018, our sweet land of liberty has now become a bitter land of poverty, backwardness, incompetency, and above all foolery and thievery.

Liberia is Africa’s oldest republic, but it became known in the 1990s for its long-running ruinous civil war and its role in a rebellion in neighboring Sierra Leone.

Although founded by freed American and Caribbean slaves, Liberia is mostly inhabited by indigenous Africans, with the Slaves descendants comprising 5% of the population.

Around 250, 000 people were killed in Liberia’s civil war, and many thousands more fled the fighting.

Due to how history has been unjust, the inhabitants of Liberia voted for Africa’s first female president in person of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in the elections of 2005 and 2011 respectively, so as to take them to the promise land of total emancipation. During the regime of Madame Sirleaf from 16 January 2006 – 22 January 2018, because of how jezebelic she was; doing her regime she only focused on theft, and looting of the country’s coffer. She also aided in making her son Robert Sirleaf and other government officials of her regime become illegal and underserve millionaires.

The regime of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is known as one of the nepotistic and kakistocratic regimes in the country’s history. The regime of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was enveloped with thievery. The regime of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was enveloped with inflation, exploitation, and budget shortfall. It was even crystal clear when Ellen said, “corruption was a vampire.” We all know what a vampire is.

After been treated unmercifully by the Ellen’s government, the people of Liberia, because of their quest, zest, and anxiety for change, during the 2017 elections, they voted former soccer icon “George Manneh Weah” to take them from where Ellen stopped them. The victory of George Manneh Weah came about because of the following reasons:

1. Liberians were in search of native president.
2. Colossal numbers of Liberia’s populace are illiterate.

3. The literate voters voted because of personal greeds.

4. It was because of ignorance and arrogance towards the congua people.

The colossal number of Liberia’s populace voted for Weah with so many expectations. But the question is, “has their expectations been met?”

The answer is NO. The expectations of the downtrodden masses, the unemployed youths, the disabled populace, and the unprivileged masses have not been met.

During his inaugural addresse, Weah promised that Liberians will not be spectators of their own economy. But currently in Liberia, Liberians are more than spectators of their own economy. The economy of Liberia has been overtaken by foreigners and aliens. The restoration and redemption of Liberia’s economy remains one of the greatest aspirations for all meaningful and courageous Liberians.

Since his first day in office up to now, “Weah continues to swim in nitwittedness and wastefulness.” As I have always said, “The presidency of an inept character called Weah is the greatest mistake that has ever happened to the motherland.”

After the inauguration of Weah, in his first public comment, Weah told Journalists in Monrovia he aimed to “improve the lives of Liberians.” The statement made by Weah was the first of his major charades that are floating throughout the country’s political corridor/s.

Since the victory of Weah, the center of governance in Liberia has become the winning harzard of looting, looting, and looting. The lives of Liberians have been sorrowful on a scale. The lives of Liberians are thy which worth lamenting for. The livelihood conditions of Liberians remain poor, poor, and poor. Liberia has now become a sorrowful country beyond human comprehension.

While the livelihood conditions of Liberians remain deplorable, Weah has built for himself mansions, duplexes, church, and an entertainment center. While the livelihood conditions of Liberians remain miserable, Weah’s group of Squanderers calling themselves government officials, have built for themselves undeserve estates and mansions at the detriment of the struggling masses. While the livelihood conditions of Liberians remain wretch, Weah and his group of looters are consistently looting uncontrollable.

In the hinterland of Liberia, many Liberians are not able to obtain a daily meal. Many Liberians are dying from sicknesses and diseases due to poor health facilities. Throughout the length and breadth of Liberia, mortality rate is now on the increase.

While other countries are progressing educationally, Liberia continues to remain in the wilderness when it comes to education, because the budget allocated to education under this government is just the pocket change of Weah.

While other countries are progressing politically, economically, and socially, Liberia continues to retrogress under the CDC led government.

According to world report 2018, Liberia remains the poorest country on earth. And the eighth saddest country on earth.

“George Manneh Weah is a garbage that must be thrown in the garbage bin of unredemptiveness.”

In Tanzania, when Dr. John Pombe Magufuli took office on 5th November 2015 as Tanzania fifth president, he brought dramatic change. After Magufuli took office, on his first day as president, he made a snap unannounced visit to the Ministry of Finance: then he pulled funds intended for Independence Day celebrations and redirected them to anti cholera operations. He began a shake-up of the Tanzania port Authority, and extended it to the Tanzania Revenue Authority as he launched a tax collection drive. An audit of the payroll led to a purge of “ghost workers”. Quickly, it became apparent that he was genuinely waging war on corruption in the Tanzania state. He didn’t stop there, he fired Minister of Energy and minerals Sospeter Muhongo. This thrift and intolerance for corruption won Magufuli attention and admiration around the world.

Now, the question is, “Can Weah be liked Dr. John Pombe Magufuli?” The answer is NO. George Manneh Weah is someone with unstoppable and uncontrollable appetite for corruption. George Weah has given tolerance to corruption at the highest degree that anyone may ever expect. George Manneh Weah has embraced corruption: he and corruption are always seen at Jamaica restort drinking drinks. He and corruption are always seen on Sunday at the Forky Kloh Jlaleh Family Fellowship Church.

Under the CDC led government, accountability and transparency have now become taboos: George Manneh Weah has become the chief priest of corruption. Corruption has become a giant size nosferatu under the CDC led government as compare to the UP led government.

Liberia is a sorrowful country that needs to be redeemed and restored by all crusaders of change. This is time that revolutionaries stand up.

The Motherland shall prevail!!!

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