Let’s collaborate to achieve Ghana beyond Aid policy-Dr.Yaw Ansu


The Special Advisor at Ministry of Finance Dr Yaw Ansu has called for close collaboration of all if Ghana beyond Aid could be realized

Speaking at the symposium held by Star Ghana with a theme “Ghana’s Journey to the SDGs in a Beyond Aid context” he stressed the need for every Ghana in society to support the concept.

Dr Ansu said Ghana beyond Aid does not constitute the rejection of foreign Aid for development purpose.

“If we must succeed in this venture we need to use our resources efficiently”

He said Ghana beyond Aid is not government policy but a national project that should be embraced by all and sundry.

“Another point I want to emphasize is that history shows you cannot be changing government at every four years and expect to achieve sustainable national goals”

“We need to find a way as a society, so that even when government go and another government come to the policy will be continued by the successive government ”

Dr Ansu cited the East Asian countries such as South Korea and Singapore who were able to maintain a long term policy to better a lot of their people

Speaker’s at the symposium include Dr.Eugene Owusu (Office of the President) Mr Radhika Lal of UNDP Economic Adviser, Rachel Glennerster, DFID Chief Economist and Beauty Emefa Nartey, Co-Chair, CSO Platform on SDGs

Others are Mr Amidu Ibrahim Tanko, Ag. CEO, Star Ghana Foundation and Dr Esther Ofei Aboagye, Chairperson of Star Ghana Foundation Governing Council

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