Kwahu Man and his household trapped in faith by the spirit they worship


A kwahu man and his household are currently “trapped” in their faith following instructions by the “spirit” they worship.

A man named Nana Adom, who has locked his elder daughter for three years in a single room has again locked his wife, son and two daughters in his room for three months following a direction of a spirit they worship.

Nana Adom who locked his family, says his ancestral spirits have revealed to him that death awaits his family the moment they step foot outside his room hence the directive.

Nana Adom upon the direction of the spirits has also shut down his drinking spot business which served as the main source of income for his household.

The family who is natives of Kwahu Mpraeso in the Eastern Region lives in a rented apartment at Kwahu Atibie in the Eastern Region.

Investigations by Atinka News revealed that firstborn of the who completed Nifa Senior High School was the first to be locked in the room upon the so-called direction of the “spirit”.

A school mate close to Nana Adom elder daughter who together attended Nifa Senior High School, Narrated that after completing Senior High School, She went to visit her but was told she has traveled which they didn’t tell her where she went. She later found out she has been locked in a room.

She said, “The father worships the gods and he is training her elder daughter to become a priestess. She is supposed to come out after a new king has been crowned according to his father.”

Sources close to the family revealed that the firstborn had her education truncated after her father locked her up in a room close to three years now to become a priestess.

Sources close revealed she has been possessed by the spirit and currently under training to become a fetish priestess.

The last born, who was a student of Alice Biggs Junior High School was also denied the opportunity of writing the just-ended BECE Exams because her father believed that, she moving out of the room will cause her death.

A teacher at Alice Biggs Junior High School who spoke to Atinka news team on condition of anonymity revealed that she received similar reports but when the father was queried, he said his daughter was sick and would ensure that she reports to the examination centre to write the exams but he never honored his promise.

Further interactions with neighbours in the community, revealed that an earlier attempt by the Police to rescue the children proved futile as the man and children cried uncontrollably to be left alone for fear of being killed as the spirit has prophesied.

Reliable information picked from the Atibie Central Police Station indicates the case has been reported to the police but much can’t be done because it had to do with Spiritual Matters. Efforts are however being made to rescue the spiritual prisoners.

Atibie Central Police went with the news crew but Nana Adom again refused to let his family out of the room and told the Atibie Central Police should anything happens to his family he should be held responsible.

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