Key Actors Of The Financial Sector Need To Be Celebrated – CEO Of InstinctWave


The Chief Executive Officer of InstinctWave, Mr. Akin Naphtal has emphasized that the key actors of the Financial Sector which is a major player in the economy should be given recognition and rewarded for their continuous efforts in achieving economic growth in the country.

He made this known during the 5th Ghana Finance Innovation Awards (GFIA) 2019 at the Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel, Accra on October 19, 2019.

He noted that, “The idea of the award scheme is to celebrate financial experts and their organizations for what they have been doing for the economy because without a robust financial sector, the economy won’t be buoyant. So the financial sector plays key role in driving the economy’s growth. And that is why we’re celebrating the organizations and individuals that have been making this a success.”

Mr. Naphtal added that the award scheme has been gaining more grounds among the various industry players as more are expressing interest in it to which InstinctWave as the organizers of the awards scheme will continue to uphold that with integrity, corporate governance and good ethics. Thus, it is about awarding excellence in service.

He said they are looking forward to getting more industry awareness of the award scheme and interestingly, the public sector too are gradually buying into it as well.

“We’ve extended the awards to CEOs as well. Most of the CEOs are finance leaders and being supported by finance teams and other departments. We have awards for HR, Marketing among others. Every department forms part of the success of organizations and finance people too are not excluded. So this is for the finance industry. Despite the competitions, they’re all doing well. Competitions drive positive growth.”

Some of the winners of the awards couldn’t hide their excitement after the programme. Victor Owusu Boakye, CFO – Glico Life Insurance Company who won some awards said, “For the past 4 years I’ve been winning awards but this year I won 2. It’s quite fulfilling to be nominated for an award. So I’m actually happy and elated about that. I’m so excited, poised to excel and do more so that next year too I will be nominated for an award.”

Collins Agyemang Sarpong who is the Head, Supply Chain Management, Standard Chartered Bank noted, “When you take your time to work and go through your processes and the policies and the strategies of your organization, it is seen and recognized by the public. Once you are working in your department, you think nobody is watching you. You need to do it right and you will be recognized at the end of the day.”

On his part Daniel Addo, Managing Director (MD) of Hollard Insurance Ghana Ltd. indicated, “It’s important we recognize good and hard work and innovation. We are happy for all who won. The quality of people who won suggests to me that the criteria is stringent and well thought through.”

Executive Director, CFO of MTN Ghana, Modupe Kadri said, “The occasion has been quite interesting in recognition for the hard work of the finance teams across the industry. I think things like these are most welcome and it’s a laudable achievement. Today’s awards are much more widespread. Apart from the traditional banking, telecoms were recognized and I think that’s a very good thing.

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