Kasoa Police On Manhunt For 20 Budumburam Robbers, Rapists


Police in Kasoa in the Central Region are on a manhunt for about 20 robbers who attacked and raped a herdsman and neighbor over the weekend.

The criminals also raped an 8-month pregnant 16-year-old girl, and made away with a truckload of cattle at Budumburam.

The District Police Command said although it was not informed about the incident early enough, it is investigating the matter to bring the perpetrators to book.

“Nobody informed us until the following day at 10:30 am before our attention was drawn to the issue. For now, we’ve not made any arrest. If we were to be informed earlier, we could have sent information to our snap checks on the road. For now, we are on the ground picking information and we hope that our efforts will be fruitful. It is not too late, as for investigations it takes time. Just that we were not informed in good time,” he said.

The family of the rape victim is worried that she may lose the pregnancy or be infected by a sexually transmitted infection.

After assaulting 50-year-old Akosua Boatemaa, the mother of one of the rape victims, and her family, the robbers dragged them to the home of the 25-year-old herdsman by name Abdul Rahman who is the husband of the pregnant rape victim.

Abdul Rahman’s pregnant wife and parents-in-law, who were visiting, were all subjected to severe beatings, according to Akosua Boatemaa.

It was then that Akosua Boatemaa’s 14-year-old daughter was later raped by one of the robbers despite her protests, which were met with threats to rape her [Akosua Boatemaa].

The herdsman’s wife was also raped, while the five other robbers molested her afterwards.

Akosua Boatemaa said they reported the matter to the police after the incident, and later went to the hospital with a police medical report.

The owner of the cattle showed up at the hospital but was nowhere to be found when hospital bills had to be paid.

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