Israeli Ambassador Calls On Sanitation Minister


The Ambassador of Israel to Ghana, Her Excellency Shani Cooper paid a courtesy call on the Minister for Sanitation and Water Resources, Hon. Cecilia Abena Dapaah on Friday.

The visit among many other things saw the two top government officials discussing different ways of improving the provision of portable water whiles strengthening the ties between the two countries.

Israel despite being made up of 70% of dessert does not battle with water scarcity. They have managed to make good use of modern technology to recycle and reuse water for both domestic and industrial purposes.

Though Ghana is blessed with over 52 billion gallons of surface water, the constant misuse and contamination of water bodies often result in its shortage in several parts of the country.

Whiles the Ministry for Sanitation and Water Resources continues to work tireless to make potable water accessible to all, the Israeli embassy is looking to also collaborate to help in many ways.

This was disclosed today when Her Excellency Shani Cooper interacted with Hon. Cecilia Dapaah at her office.

“I am very happy to be here. First of all, it is a courtesy call because I am coming formally to meet with you. Secondly, we are coming towards similar projects in water and obviously before we begin and before we even plan and do the goals of the project, we wanted to hear your opinion and to consult with you”, Her Excellency Shani Cooper noted.

On her part, the Hon. Cecilia Abena Dapaah expressed her delight to the visit while admitting that Ghana needs help in curbing the use of pollutants that end up contaminating water bodies.

“What concerns me and my Ministry is that we need help. In the sense that we want to identify the pollutants and the contaminants that have been introduced into our water bodies. We have an idea but we need collaborative data to make sure we can tackle the menace”, she stressed.

The Minister further appealed to the entire populace to take a cue from Israel’s idea of making every drop of water count.

This she believes will go a long way to ensure the provision of potable water to communities at all times.

“Like you said you have mastered the water sector in a way that every drop counts. And this is a good motor and philosophy for us as well.

“Ghanaians should make sure that every drop counts”, Hon. Cecilia Dapaah stressed.

Her Excellency Shani Cooper took advantage of the visit to invite the Minister for Sanitation and Water Resources to a conference in November which will give her the opportunity to interact with experts who have been successful in the work being undertaken by the sector.



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