Hon. Danladi Saaka Supports Kito D/A Primary School With Desks


Hon. Danladi Saaka Supports Kito D/A Primary School With Desks

NPP Daboya Mankarigu Parliamentary Aspirant, Hon. Danladi Saaka has donated 50 desks to Kito primary school to enhance teaching and learning.

The philanthropist cum politician visited Kito on a campaign trail and discovered pupils sit on the floor during classes hours.

This unfortunate development was hampering teaching and learning since teachers had to struggle to regulate as well as to conduct class exercises and keeping pupils attention.Mr. Saaka who is in a fierce contest with four others is believed to be the best bet who can snatch the seat currently occupied by the NDC.

“We are formidable, committed and convinced that delegates will adhere to calls and appeals by the general public by giving him a landslide victory,” he emphasized during the presentation of the items.




Danladi Saaka has a vision for the NPP to win both the Presidential and Parliamentary seat from the NDC party in 2020 elections in the Daboya / Mankarigu constituency by focusing on the detailed tasks as a Politician and negotiating majority support for peaceful co-existence between all the tribes within the constituency.



Mr Saaka has a mission;

1. To achieve infrastructural development in the constituency

2. Alleviate poverty through education, health and support agric finance using networks with Government agencies and a wide range of development partners to develop the constituency.

3. Engage persons to actively appreciate the NPP achievements and participate in the political process


Mr Saaka stresses that the task will not be his own, but will work with the District Assembly, opinion leaders, the party executives and the youth. He is not someone who insults people and even with those who disagree with him, he does so respectively which is key to his leadership. He believes “Leadership is ensuring that you’ve got something to offer the community, something that we can provide, not just getting elected; that’s the easy part. It’s what you can deliver”.

“My task is daunting. As MP, I represent my people who live in remotes of the country and experience significant disadvantag

My aims are practical. I can negotiate in conflict situations. I have vast experience in networking”


Five years ago, through funding from a development partner through financing Agriculture projects in Northern region, he supported farmers using the provision of agro loans in the North Gonja, Yendi district and the West Mamprusi districts through commercial banks and rural banks. In 2017, a total of 1, 090 small holder farmers in group schemes, he arranged for debt finance for the benefit for Gh545,000. Following a successful farming season in 2017, more farmers were enrolled in 2018.

A debt finance of GHc1,110,000 for 1,850 smallholder farmers benefited through group schemes. Loan recovery rates through group schemes achieved 95% as such financing options serves as a revolving tool for farming in subsequent years. He also lobbied with a development partner for the provision of furniture for a school at Kito in North Gonja. In addition he supported Girl-Child clinic in North Gonja on health issues in 2018, including supporting several social interventions to the underprivileged in rural communities in North Gonja.

He plans for the provision of water projects to Kito, Gua, Kagbal, Sinsina, Tudrope and Gurbagu all in the North Goja District through partnerships with development agencies through boreholes to avoid productive time for farming and in some situations class hours for pupils are used to draw water for their families. He has earmarked the Bugsa Primary School which is in a deplorable condition, Mankarigu Primary School and the Lingbensi Presby School for renovations through development agencies.

Plans are fast advanced to use corporate social support to fund the Girl –Clinic in North Gonja for the 2019 program in December 2019.


As the days comes closer (September 28, 2019), he has been endorsed by several bigwigs at the national, regional and constituency levels, he remains the ONLY hope to snatch the seat currently occupied by NDC. He is not a loud mouth, but he just gets the work done at the least cost. The delegates have decided, the majority support is waiting in the Daboya / Mankarigu Constituency. Don’t gamble again.

His qualities include, but not limited to honesty, compassion, integrity, confidence, flexibility, and experience.

Jeremiah, a member of DanSaaka Campaign team, indicated his team is effectively communicating to the delegates, focus on goals and results, knowledge sharing, team support, diverse team, good leadership, and organized team.

The gospel truth is that Mr. Saaka is the ONLY WINNABLE candidate for NPP in the Daboya /Mankarigu constituency in 2020 elections.

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