GSA Communications Directorate Strategize to Improve Digital Media Presence


The Corporate Communications Directorate of the Ghana Standards Authority has taken concrete steps to improve the Authority’s digital media presence.

As a start, GSA has developed a comprehensive social media strategy to manage its social media presence and bring the brand alive.

The strategy, developed with the help of PopOut, a Ghanaian owned start-up company with expertise in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, App Development, Advertising, Training and Visual Communication, provides clear guidelines with regard to the target

audience, social media channels, content strategy, campaigns and promotions.

Maximus Ametorgoh, the Managing Director of PopOut said: “As we live in the digital dispensation, it is obvious that people access information via various online channels across the world. Globally, there are over 3.7 billion people, who have access to the internet.

“This means that about half of the world’s population can consume content online. Some of the online channels are websites, social media accounts, mobile apps and other channels,” Mr. Ametorgoh, who is also a Digital Marketing Strategist, Social Media Coach and Technology Consultant, added.

He said: “A website is the official online portal of any individual, company and organization where they publish information for the consumption of their target audience across the globe. As a current trend, some of these websites have been linked to social media accounts of the company so content can be cross-published. The social media accounts help in target audience engagement and direct awareness creation unlike traditional media”.

As part of the package, the GSA communication team will be trained in digital marketing so they could help bring the GSA brand alive, and engage the target audience on a regular basis.

At the first departmental meeting held on Monday, Dr. Amponsah-Bediako, Director of Corporate Communications, emphasized the importance of creating a strong brand, which reflects the authority’s core values of excellence, customer-focus, integrity and teamwork.

“We need to inspire a new spirit of consumer awareness about standardisation and certification of products and services,” he said.

Peter Martey Agbeko, the Head of Public Relations, reiterated the need to combine the strengths of traditional and new media in disseminating information to get the desired outcomes.

“We need to bring the brand alive on multiple channels and platforms on a sustained basis,” he noted.

PopOut has overtime worked for companies such as – MTN, British Council, European Union, Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited, International Central Gospel Church, Access Bank Ghana Ltd, SoftTribe and Charterhouse.

The public is encouraged to follow the authority’s activities on its website ( and social media handles (@Ghana Standards Authority on both Facebook and Twitter)

The GSA was established by the Standards Decree 1973 (NRCD 173) as the statutory body responsible for developing, publishing and promoting standards in the country.

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