Gov’t Urged To Better Lives Through Wise Investment

A Tech Advisor of the Road Contractors Association, Kofi Amoako Anarfi says Government should consider as a priority the deplorable roads in the Ledzekuku-Krowor Municipal Assembly (Lekma) and find ways to fix them.

He noted that aside easing the flow of vehicles and pedestrians in the area, lives would be saved.

“The road that we are talking about is a road that needs serious attention. They have to redo it especially looking at its deplorable state. I think the government should invest in humanity by ensuring that lives are not lost unnecessarily,” Mr. Amoako Anarfi stated.

Mr. Amoako Anarfi made this call following protest by angry some residents who have vowed not to pay taxes and road worth certificates anymore if their deplorable roads are not fixed.

“Government managed to get money for AFCON 2019 but this issue has been there for many years. It is very threatening so I think the government should find ways to secure funds to complete this project,” he intimated.

Amoako Anarfi added, “This road is used by many people for their day to day activities. I think government should find funds to construct this road. We can’t afford to lose lives again. This road should be prioritized since it is serving the Lekma Hospital.

“Most contractors available do not have enough funds at the moment because you will work and not be paid on time. It is really bad and a situation we find it worrying. This issue is clearly a cost issue.”

The Ledzekuku-Krowor Municipal District district, with its administrative capital at Nungua is one of the sixteen districts in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana with a population of 227,932, according to the 2010 population census. It spans an area of 47.58 km². The district was established by Legislative Instrument in November 2007.

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