Gov’t Given Two Weeks Ultimatum To Deal With Military/Police Clash


Pressure group Occupy Ghana has issued a two weeks ultimatum to Government to get to the bottom of the incident that happened in Tamale yesterday where some Military Personnel attacked some Policemen carrying out their duties. “Occupy Ghana is extremely concerned and say we are disgusted at the criminal assault reportedly inflicted on Police Officers by element of the Arm Forces in the Tamale Metropolis in the northern region”.

According to reports, the police officers who were simply going about their work as legitimate police officers were pounced upon and beaten by some Military Men.

A statement released today by Occupy Ghana states that the incident which happened in the North, leaves a terrible impression of the Ghana armed forces and Occupy Ghana is appalled that any security institution that will misuse and abuse the powers bestowed by the Constitution and facilities provided by our taxes in such a depraved manner.

The statement also further states that Occupy Ghana is most concerned that such impunity continues because in the faith of a history that is replete with such attacks on society by Military Personnel, there has been precious little to no report of the actual prosecution, conviction and sentencing of perpetrators. They believe this has embolden clearly renegade behavior that must be addressed and curtailed going forward.

They are therefore calling on the Government, the Minister of defense and the Chief of Defense Staff to immediately cause the arrest Military men involved in the act against the Police Officers and prosecute them according to the law.

Occupy Ghana believes if these measures are taken, it will serve as a deterrent to others going forward and such violence and unlawful attacks by persons wearing uniform and in possession of weapons will be a thing of the past.

The pressure group also wants Government to after investigations, announce to Ghanaians a clear roadmap that punishes wrong and does right by the victims. “We also expect the institution of measures that would prevent this from happening in future and ensure that the military never forgets that its true place under a democratic constitutional dispensation is under civilian governance”

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