Governance Expert Urges Gov’t To Decentralize Public Sector


A local governance expert, Issaka Amon Kotei has urged government to decentralize the public sector. His call on the government to take this action comes on the back of some expert encouraging government to adopt the Senior High School Double tracking system into the public sector.

The Centralized system being used in the public sector has recently sparkled debate with many local governance experts and some concerned citizens complaining of how slow the public sector is when it comes to providing services.

Some of the main concerns raised had to do with the DVLA responsible for issuing vehicle licenses, Lands commission responsible for land title registration as well as the others responsible for issuing birth certificates and passports.

According to local governance expert Dr. Eric Oduro Osei, the sectors responsible for taking care of the above mentioned services takes a long time to service Ghanaians. Therefore it will be prudent for the government to consider double-tracking the sectors where one badge will work from 8-5pm and another badge will work from 5pm till the next day.

This he believes will curb the delay the country the country continue to witness in serving Ghanaians. He also stressed that besides making the sectors efficient, double tracking the public sector will provide employment opportunities for the unemployed.

“The reason is that we waste our nights. The nights of the public system of Ghana is invariably wasted. By 5pm they have closed those offices meanwhile work is there to be done. What I am saying is that if Government has introduced the double tracking into the secondary school system as a result of free SHS, let us introduce it into our public system. And by this am saying that people must work from 8-5. After 8pm we should have another set of people who would come and work until the next morning, Dr. Osei backed his point in an interview with class fm.

In an interview on the same platform, local governance expert Issaka Amon Kotei emphasized that adopting the double tracking system into the public sector will not solve the problem facing them in terms of being efficient. He has rather recommended a decentralized public sector to be considered by Government.

He observed that “In the event of centralizing almost everything in this country why don’t we look at decentralizing these sectors? For instance if we have biometric equipment at all the ten regions where we don’t need to move from Tamale to come and get a passport in Accra.

He believes the most effective way of getting the public sector to be efficient is to decentralize them.

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