Ghanaian Migrants Languishing In IOM Detention Center In Niger Cries Of Neglect By Ghana Government


About 300 Ghanaians are stuck and reportedly detained by the IOM in Niger in the town of Agadez in the Sahara, a hub for West African migrants traveling to Libya, Algeria and Europe.

For the past month, officials of Ghana in Niger have either refused to pick up their calls or act on their numerous messages sent to them. The detainees are complaining bitterly of the lack of proper care, not enough money, and poor food which has affected their health and they are calling on Government to come to their aid in this worrying state they find themselves.

They have reconciled to return home but when even officials of the state visit the site they pick and choose people even those who are not Ghanaians. This has made them lose hope but are desperately calling on authorities to go to their aid.

One of them Tanko, is heard on a recorded audio complaining very much of the situation they are being subjected to and the treatment meted out to them whilst reiterating the fact that ‘all efforts to get the Ghanaian representatives in Niger has proven futile and they don’t know what to do now’. He is heard complaining about ‘the nature of the food they eat, monetary issues and the need for government to come for them’.

Hope this will not turn into another ‘Gambia issue’. Time for Govt to act to provide them with the necessary consular, legal and humanitarian assistance is now. We are keenly following the steps Govt will take to assist our detained compatriots in Agadez now.

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