Gender Ministry, UNFPA Launches Activism Against Gender Based Violence


The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MoGCSP) in collaboration with UNFPA has launched a ‘16-day activism campaign against Gender-Based Violence’ to create awareness on the consequences of the act and the need to bring it to a standstill.

The campaign was also a strong platform used to strengthen networking and partnerships with the aim of changing mind-sets about women and girls in relation to gender-based violence in societies.

The campaign was launched in Accra under the theme, “Orange the World: Hear Me Too”, to create awareness that there were societies increasingly becoming unsafe as well as hidden voices that had been neglected for decades.

The Acting Executive Secretary of Domestic Violence Secretariat, MoGCSP, Madam Malonin Asibi said Gender-Based Violence was one of the most heinous human rights violations targeted at women and girls in all spheres of their lives.

She noted that it robbed women and girls of their dignity, rights, livelihoods and cuts short their dreams of great future that they envisaged for themselves and families.

The violations Mrs. Asibi mentioned include child marriages, Female Genital Mutilation, preference given to boy-child education, discrimination in the distribution of resources and inhuman widowhood rights among others.

According to her, the consequences are huge, affecting not victims only, but the nation in its agenda for development.

Madam Asibi noted that the most worrying issue was the sexual exploitation and molestation of the girl-child which seemed to be on the increase.

“I believe that we have all heard voices of vulnerable women including those living with disabilities and the aged who are often tagged as witches, and the voices of vulnerable children on our streets who are often taken advantage of and sexually molested, forced into prostitution, trafficked and leading to some becoming Child-Mothers”, she stated.

She stressed that “these voices could be those in our own homes, neighbourhoods, Churches, Schools and the nation as a whole”.The Acting Executive Secretary, therefore, called on the public to join forces to fight against the menace, adding that “We all have a daunting task to get closer to these voices that need at least one listening ear”.

Madam Asibi emphasized that society must give a listening ear to that voice out there and get their stories told indicating, “You may never know the relief and rehabilitation it can bring to such survivors”.

Mr Niyi Ojuolape, the UNFPA Country Representative, Ghana said one out of every three women has suffered gender-based violence in her lifetime.

He, therefore, said such a campaign should be organised for them to take actions to underline the issues and discuss them for solutions to be generated.

Mr. Ojuolape indicated that it was a collective responsibility for the whole continent and the world at large to fight against gender-based violence.

Ms. Claire Anne-Dufay, UNICEF Representative, Ghana, said 94 per cent of children aged one to 14 experience one form of gender-based violence, adding that over 38 per cent of girls and women in Ghana had been sexually abused.

She said it was not necessary for girls or women abused sexually to pay for medical examination.

Ms. Claire urges the public to join the fight against the menace.

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