Fishing Harbour Tightens Security


Security agencies operating at the Tema Fishing Harbour say they have upgraded their systems to help ward off attacks by pirates in Ghana’s territorial waters.

According to the Ghana Navy, Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority (GPHA) Security and the Marine Police, several security checkpoints and access controls had been upgraded to deal with threats posed by the criminals.

They said they had intensified patrol on the sea in order to obtain timely information.

Security Manager for the Tema Fishing Harbour, Baidoo Alhassan, said streamlining the arrival of fishing vessels, coupled with the upgrade of security systems and use of sophisticated intelligence systems would help the authorities address the problems.

He said the management of the Fishing Harbour has boosted security in most parts of the harbour to ensure the safety of stakeholders operating at the harbour and on the sea.

These, according to him, would make it difficult for any fishing vessel or person without the proper clearance to have access to the harbour.

Director of Operations for the Tema Marine Police Unit at the Tema Fishing Harbour, Chief Inspector Jean Kpeli, on his part, noted that the security agencies at the Tema Fishing Harbour have decided to take the important steps following recent attacks on three Ghanaian bound vessels in the country’s waters and the arrest of two Nigerian vessels engaged in illegal fuel transaction.

He indicated that the Marine Police would also arrest some fishermen who use their canoes to help persons to buy and sell oil illegally on the sea.

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