FDA Clears Menthodex But Urges Check On Manufacturing, Expiry Dates


FDA Clears Menthodex But Urges Check On Manufacturing, Expiry Dates

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has set the records straight allaying the fears of Ghanaians that one of the most popular medicines, Menthodex Cough Mixture, being circulated on social media showing its manufacturing date as April 2019 when as a matter of fact, we are in the month February, cannot be traced on the Ghanaian market.

According to the FDA, thorough checks and investigations have revealed that no Menthodex Cough Mixture of such description has hit the Ghanaian Market.

The FDA has been compelled to react in a press release due to the viral social media circulations.

“From our checks and investigations, the said product is nowhere near the Ghanaian market,” the public alert press release stated.

It further cleared that the Menthodex itself was a good and safe product since it has been legally registered for the Ghanaian market.


The FDA also warned Ghanaians and consumers at large to be extra vigilant when they are buying the product.

“We urge customers to check the manufactured date, expiry date, English labelling date and should report as soon as possible if any of the said product is seen,” the release signed by its CEO Delese Darko announced.

The safety and the protection of the general public is our first objective and we will continue the safety awareness on foods, medicines, cosmetics, household chemicals and medical devices.

Here is the full statement from the FDA:

Public Alert: Menthodex Cough Mixture With False Date Marking

The attention of the Food and Drugs Authority [FDA] has been drawn to the circulation on social media about a Menthodex Cough mixture with a Manufacturing date of April 2019, which clearly calls for investigations.

The FDA has initiated investigations to find out the source of the product our initial checks by the Market Surveillance Team have indicated that the said Menthodex is not on the Ghanaian market.

However, the FDA will like to assure the public that all Menthodex registered for the Ghanaian market are safe for use and are imported by a local agent directly from Bells Sons & Co {Druggist} Limited, Clifford House, Slidbum Crescent, South Port, Merseyside PR 9 9AL, United Kingdom, the manufacturers of Menthodex.

The General public is reminded once again to check the following before buying any FDA regulated product; English labelling, Manufacturing date, Expiry or Best Before Date, a Traceable address and report any suspicious products to the FDA to help investigations.

The FDA wishes to emphasize that, the protection of the general public is its prime objective and all activities are designed to provide continues assurance of safety of all foods, medicines, cosmetics, household chemicals and medical devices.

Finally, anyone who might be in possession of a simple sample of the said Menthodex Cough Mixture with a false manufacturing date of April should kindly submit to the nearest FDA office or you may contact the FDA through any of the following contacts for any information or enquiry related to the FDA’s mandate.


Delese Darko

Chief Executive Officer, FDA

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