Family Of Stray Bullet Victim Wants Police Officer Arrested


The family of a 51-year-old steel bender who was shot dead last Friday at Timber market at Agbogbloshi near Accra has accused the police of shielding one of their own.

Teiko Amuzu’s family is unhappy about what they say is the lack of interest on the part of the police to apprehend one of their own.

“We are devasted and worried how the police have handled the issue. We cannot understand why as a Ghanaian, the law favours some people more than others.

“If I were the one who shot and killed another person, I would have been arrested even if I hide in an eagle’s nest. Therefore, their excuse that they cannot arrest the police officer is shocking,” family spokesperson, Safo Gyamfi told Joy News’ Komla Adom.

Mr Amuzu was killed last Friday when a bullet from the cocked gun of a Constable Issa Abdulai Rahim, who is with the National Protection Unit of at the Police Headquarters accidentally hit him.

Constable Rahim’s bullets flew into Mr Amuzu’s chest during a confrontation between the policeman and a motor rider.

According to sources, the police man had some misunderstanding with the motor rider. In the ensuing confrontation, the officer fired his gun which accidentally hit Mr Amuzu, a bystander.

Constable Rahim, reports say, tried to get a car to convey Mr Amuzu to the hospital but took to his heels when he realised that the crowd was gathering to attack him.

He left behind his unregistered Royal Motorbike with the keys in the ignition and a handcuff he was going to use to arrest the motor rider.

The police have been quiet on the matter regarding the whereabouts of Constable Rahim and have not officially commented on the issue since news broke.

Joy News’ checks with all the offices connected to the case at Jamestown, Accra Central Divisional and Regional Police, have all not yielded any results.

The spokesperson for the family is surprised at the attitude of the police saying they are only doing that to protect their own.

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