Fake Doctor Operating In Hotel Room Busted


The Police has apprehended a foreign national and his accomplices for allegedly practising medicine in Ghana without a license.

The culprit, Citi News gathers was consulting in his hotel room at the Labadi Beach Hotel where he was arrested.

Dr. Torngee Jospeh Malu, as he is called, portrays himself as a plastic surgeon and a liposuction expert and had prior to arriving into the country taken to social media to announce his coming.

Speaking to Citi News, the Registrar of the Medical and Dental Council, Dr. Eli Atikpui indicated that non-Ghanaian nationals who want to practice medicine in Ghana must follow due process.

“This is an individual who is practising medicine without registering with the Medical and Dental Council. In the first place, we do not know whether he is a doctor. Medicine is not practised anywhere. There are approved facilities so it is not any place that consultations can be done. And if that facility is approved, it has to be accredited by the Health Facility Regulatory Authority. But for an individual to check into a hotel and convert his hotel room into a consulting room, it breaches the law.”

There have been incidents within the country’s health system where quack medical practitioners have been apprehended.

Some have succeeded in defrauding the unsuspecting public.

In a bid to prevent the activities of fake doctors, all medical practitioners have been mandated to carry a practitioner’s stamp bearing their name and number since January 2018, following a directive by the Medical and Dental Council.

The Medical and Dental Council said this measure was also being put in place to ensure that practitioners with the Council are easily identified by the patients they care for.

It is believed this will help root out persons who operate as medical practitioners without licenses.


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