DJ Shocked After Ultrasound Showed His Baby ‘Wearing Tiny Headphones’


Parents-to-be were shocked when their baby’s ultrasound seemed to show her wearing a tiny pair of headphones in the womb. What makes it even better is her dad is a DJ.

What makes it even better is her dad is a DJ.
When Emma and Richard Wilkins went for their 11-week ultrasound scan, Leah May was already following in her dad’s footsteps when she looked as though she was kitted out with over-ear headphones.

Leah, who suffers from a genetic disorder that means she is the size of a four-year-old despite being six, is a music lover who is always ready to belt out songs from Frozen and her other Disney favourites.

While it is not clear what caused the illusion, Emma, 33, and Richard, 49, say their daughter even takes the bizarre scan pic to be a sign that music was in her blood.

Emma, from Knaresborough in Yorkshire, said: ‘I’ve not got a clue why she’s got headphones on in the scan – it surprised everybody. ‘The ultrasound technician suddenly pointed and said “Look, the baby has got headphones on!” and sure enough it looked like she did.

‘Everyone was making jokes about it, saying she was going to come out liking music or singing, and it’s true, she loves music now. ‘At the minute it’s all about Frozen – Leah is Frozen-mad and loves all the songs. ‘She has seen the scan photo herself and she finds it funny too.

‘She says to me “I always liked music then mummy, didn’t I?” and I say “Yes, Leah, of course you did.”‘ Leah was diagnosed with DiGeorge syndrome and an extra chromosome when she was three.

By the time the family had finally got answers, they had already nearly lost her six times. Emma said: ‘She had so many complications from birth, including failure to thrive, and no one would listen to us. ‘It was heartbreaking when we found out her diagnosis but we finally got answers to what was going on.’

After undergoing around 30 gruelling operations that didn’t work, only the gastrostomy and colostomy made any difference to Leah’s health.

The operations mean that brave Leah must be fed through a tube in her stomach for 13 hours every day. But the little girl doesn’t let that stop her from having fun. Emma said: ‘Leah just gets on with it now though – she’s a happy little girl and she doesn’t care.’

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