Digital Address For Business Registration Long Overdue But Timely–GhanaPost


The Ghana Post Company Limited has welcomed the Registrar General’s directive to make the digital address system a major requirement as part of reforms in the registration of businesses.

According to the Ghana Post, though the Registrar General’s directive was long overdue, the announcement has been timely.

The Head of Corporate Communications of Ghana Post, Kobi Hemaa Osisiadan-Bekoe, who was speaking in an exclusive interview with ModernGhana said since November 2017, the Digital Addressing system has been a modern and revolutionary approach to allocating addresses in Ghana.

She further indicated that the use of the digital address as a top requirement in registering businesses at the Registrar General Department (RGD) as part of reforms is in the best interest of the country.

Kobi Hemaa said this latest development would go a long way to help the department to reduce its long process of business registration which usually involves some 14 steps being cut down 4 steps.

“This will bring speed in the business sector and ensure effectiveness and efficiency in doing business in Ghana. A lot of stakeholder training has been carried out. The staff of Ghana Water Company Limited and Power Distribution Services (previously Electricity Company of Ghana) has been trained long ago and some citizens can testify to the fact that some people have their digital address on their bills,” Kobi Hemaa stated.

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She went on to reveal that the MTTD, PURC, Emergency service workers, Chiefs, Ghana Pharmaceutical Council, NADMO, Banks, Ghana National Fire Service, Ghana Armed Forces, Ghana Police Service, Journalists, Schools, National Commission on Culture, GIFEC, GSA, NIA to mention but a few have been trained and are still engaging stakeholders since adapting to a new addressing system is not an event but a gradual process.

“Our courier service, EMS has delivered over 30,000 items to customers using their digital address. The Digital Address System has increased the efficiency of emergency responders such as the Police, Ambulance Services, Immigration, NADMO, Fire Services etc.

…Law enforcement agencies are using it more effectively in order to deal with crime. Digital Address is playing a major the role of addressing individuals in the registration of Ghana Card and this would build a credible national address register. It has brought buyer and sellers together by facilitating e-commerce. Now, the young entrepreneurs are confident in selling their items online because they can easily deliver to customers via digital address, ” Kobi Hemaa emphasised.

She entreated Ghanaians to utilise the system fully in all their correspondence while urging all MMDAs to do same as well.

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