Dagbon Youth Want Befitting Palace for New Yaa-Naa


Some Dagbon Youth led by a US-based Ghanaian citizen of Dagbon origin, Iddrisu Abubakari Saddique have launched a massive campaign for the construction of a befitting Gbewaa Palace for the newly appointed Overlord of Dagbon Yo-Naa Bukali Mahama II.

This was necessary following the installation of the new Yaa Naa after the two late Kings, Yaa Naa Mahamudu Abdulai and Yaa Naa Yakubu Andani II funerals were performed.

The youth has already secured a professional architect for an outstanding design waiting for construction to begin on the Palace in Yendi, the capital of Dagbon Kingdom.

The design will include a private clinic, police post and an administrative officer for the King to steer the affairs of Dagbon successfully.

Mayor of Tamale, Iddrisu Musah Superior has arranged for a stakeholder meeting on the 26th of January 2019 at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium in Tamale.

The youth believes it time for the Dagbon State to redeem its due recognition in the tradition setting of the county (Ghana) and the West African sub-Region after a prolong chieftaincy dispute.

They also believe a great Kingdom like Dagbon and its Overload deserves much better palace than the current one which has numerous vulnerabilities, security lapses, no health facility and administrative offices.

This according to Abubakari Saddique will attract tourists and project the culture and tradition of the good people of Dagbon to the world.

However, people of Dagbon both home and in the diaspora have also expressed their commitment towards the course by pledging cash donations for the construction of the new palace.

A mobile money account and other payment platforms will be announced in the coming week for donations and contributions from sons and daughters of Dagbon including well-wishers as well as individuals and organizations.

Distortion of Customs and Tradition
Already, there are mixed reactions regarding the campaign for a befitting palace for the new Yaa Naa with some suggesting the call will bury the rich culture and tradition of Dagbon.

Contrary to these assertions and varied opinions, President of the Dagbon Youth For Development (DYD), Iddrisu Abubakari Saddique popularly known on Facebook as Zuu Bukali Tia refute such claims indicating it is rather in the best interest of the Kingdom.

He argued that there’s absolutely nothing to lose if a modern edifice is built to accommodate the new Yaa Naa of Dagbon after over a decade without a substantive King.

Zuu Bukali is therefore urging Dagbon and non-Dagbon natives to help in this worthy course of restoring dignity of providing a befitting palace in the Dagbon State.

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