Court Places Injunction On CCTU SRC Elections


Court Places Injunction On CCTU SRC Elections

The Students Representative Council of Cape Coast Technical University has been hit by an injunction following the disqualification of nine (9) aspirants.

This means that all processes have been halted till the issue is dealt with

The aspirants are:

1. Mr Victor Ghartey

2. Rev. Emmanuel Asamoah Boahen

3. Mr. Joshua Nyabila

4. Mr. Danny Yamoah

5. Mr. Richmond Sowah

6. Mr. Isaac Agyena Boadu

7. Mr. Eugene Aido

8. Mr. Isaac Sagoe

9. Mr Justice Mintah

Four of the disqualified aspirants aspirants appeared to be resolute in the opposition against the vetting results hence taking the matter to the high court challenging the decision of the SRC electoral commission and its vetting committee to disallow them from contesting the election, a situation described as bias, attack on SRC constitution, unfair treatment being met out to them by the Electoral committee, The Dean of students, The SRC President and The SRC Judicial Committee


1. All the disqualified aspirants qualifies to contest

2. The basis for their disqualification is unconstitutional

3. Their fundamental human rights are abused

4. There is a clear violation of the constitution

5. They have attacked and disrespected the constitution

6. All of them should be allowed to contest

7. They are only seeking for justice and nothing else

8. They are motivated by article 1, 20, 28, 29 and 30 of the SRC constitution and the 1992 constitution of the republic of Ghana


1. It is rumoured that the acting vice chancellor gave an advise which could have guided the E.C, The Judicial committee, and the SRC to do the right to qualify the disqualified aspirants but the Dean of students called them to tell them to ignore the advice of the vice chancellor and go with their electoral process hence, disrespecting the advice of the acting vice chancellor

2. It is also believed by some section of individuals that; the Dean of students interest in the election is what is causing this mess and she was also caught, telling them to ignore the advice of the acting vice chancellor because he himself will leave office soon

3. It is rumoured that; Some individuals also feels that; the Dean of students, The SRC President, The E.C chairman and The Chief Justice are a threat to SRC finances and the peace of students hence advising themselves on a peaceful demonstration and press conference to call for their resignation.

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