Corruption Can Only End In Ghana, If We Throw The Bible Away -Spiritual Mystic Scientist Explains


Spiritual Ancient Egyptian Mystical scientist, Logos Yaw Nkronmah claims that the rise of corruption among our public servants , politicians and government appointees are due to the use of Bible and other religious books to swear an oath when swearing into office.

Logos Nkronmah who claims to be Pan-Africanist and Mystical teacher argues that dating back to history the Europeans or our slave masters who brought Bible to Africa sole objective was to rob Africans and lock our mind in a way that we can’t reason as human beings.

When the Europeans and the Slave masters came to Africa for that matter Ghana, they saw how powerful our ancestors were. They found out that our Ancestors were very honest and therefore they were not engaging in any form cheating or any other corrupt practices. These Europeans also got to know that when you swear an oath with any God from Africa and you go against it , these Gods will not spare you. So for them to go into thievery agreement with our Ancestors and also introduce politics they brought in the Bible.”He narrates.

Logos Nkronmah also argues that the Bible is a tool for corruption for the politicians.

The Bible is a tool for corruption in the sense that the readers of the Bible believe that whatever you do on earth you will get your punishment after death. According to my level of spirituality and research, I have not heard anyone who has died and resurrected to tell us, if there is heaven or hell or punishment after death. These politicians are using the Bible to steal from us and enriched their families and if they die that is all.” He stressed.

Having conversations with, Logos Nkronmah also made a point that our politicians are to be forced to use the Gods of our land to swear an oath when swearing into office.

In my view these politicians should be forced to use our deities to swear into office, these our Gods of our land are very justice and will not joke with any politician who will take Ghanaians for granted.So to end corruption in Ghana we have to end the use of Religious Books in swearing.” He added.

In conclusion Logos Yaw Nkronmah calls for the ban of using Bible and other religious books in swearing into office by our Politicians and therefore suggests that the Gods of our land should rather be used instead.

Written by: Komfa Ishmael Ofori
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