Churches Should Also Help To Create Jobs–Rev. Michael Gyemfi Appeals


Leader of the Flames of Fire Assemblies of God church- Ghana, Reverend Michael Gyemfi, has appealed to churches to help in creating jobs for the many unemployed youths in the country.

He indicated that the youth of the country can no longer wait while their strengths waste away as the day goes by, amidst the unavailability of jobs.

He said this when unveiling the new branch of the Assemblies of God church-Ghana in Madina Estate Accra over the weekend.

He advised that the church should not be only concerned with winning more people to their fold but should consider exploring avenues for the creation of employment opportunities for the youth.

“I believe the church can do more to succor create jobs to help solve the surging and alarming unemployment rate of the youth in this country”

“Relying on government alone cannot fix the unemployment problems this great nation faces, its time the church starts thinking about adding more value to the life of our youth.

Reverend Michael Gyemfi also called on the Kingdom of God to keep Christian faith alive and to continue to nature the bonds of Christian unity resisting the danger of turning the faith into “a museum piece”

“As soldiers of the Cross, onething we must all understand is that, we could sometimes be attacked by the enemy through any thin space we create for him in our ministry. It therefore very necessary for every leader, to have patience, learn to forgive and move on without necessarily responding to, or reacting negatively to every little thing we hear people say about us he advised.

Rev. Michael Gyemfi, on that note, called all believers and their leadership to oneness and appealed to all to behave like one big family from one great father, and also asked for God’s divine intervention for the nation.

He stressed the need for us to all devote our time to keep the leadership on the nation in serious prayers on daily basis, noting emphatically that, when the nation is at peace, the of God is also at peace.





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