Christians Urged Not To Fear ‘Valley Experience’


Bishop Seth Abbey has urged Christians not to fret over the ‘valley experience’ because that is where God has prepared to bless them.

He explained the ‘valley experience’ as the period of severe frustrations, hopelessness, pain, failure, sin, discouragement and depression. “In fact, when you think that it is over and nothing can save you now and that is where you give up your ‘self’ and Christ takes over. There is a revival and a new life is born in you,” he claimed.

He said Christians are most often in a hurry for accomplishments and many, in the scuttle, have tripped over their divine blessings “so sometimes God has to slow you down to guide you into your breakthrough.”

Bishop Seth Abbey, who is the Founder and General Overseer of the Calvary Apostolic Ministry Incorporated, was delivering a sermon at the end of a 5-day revival at Big Ada in the Ada East District of the Greater Accra Region recently.

Preaching exclusively from Psalm 23, Bishop Abbey said “as a believer, once you are following the Lord Jesus Christ you will have no choice but to go through the valley; but when you get there don’t unpack your luggage, you are only going through; you are traversing from one point to the other.

“And at the end, you are going to come out with His power and Presence. It is in the valley that God does something. In the valley, He prepares a table before you in the presence of your enemies not behind you. He is changing the atmosphere right in your face – meaning before you get there the table is already set and waiting for you. Your enemies can’t block you because the table is right there before you.”

He indicated that real transformation occurs in the valley where man surrenders completely and the Lord takes over and adorns him with His glorious garment of righteousness and ushers him into a new season of unlimited celebration.

“When you start to come out of the valley, you are protected on every side; before you is the good shepherd, on your sides are His rod and His staff and behind you is His goodness and mercy with the angels all around you and you are standing on the ground of His word,” Bishop Abbey underscored.

He entreated all believers not to succumb to trying situations in life but remain faithful to the Lord, adding that He will see them through and give them the expected victory.

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